Former Washington Lookout Sites in the Cascades

I am planning to visit all the former lookout locations in Washington State. During the early days of lookouts, a fire lookout referred to the person...not the structure. It was the person and his/her location that was the definition of a fire lookout. I am interested in visiting all sites, these include camps, tree towers, phone sites, patrol points, etc. My list even includes anything that was reported or claimed to have a lookout, or shown on a map saying there was a lookout. A list of just confirmed former structures has not been fully developed yet but is in the process, as shown below.

Washington Fire Lookouts

Washington Hiking
Garrison Hill
Rainier Tower
Deschutes Lookout
The Rockies
Clear West Peak
Crawford Mountain
Pack Forest
Bearhead Mountain
Carbon Ridge
Pinnacle Peak
Norse Peak
Grass Mountain
National Lookout
Purcell Mountain\Trails End
Tatoosh Ridge
Old Desolate
Crystal Lake Peak
Huckleberry Mountain (Christoff)
Colquhoun Peak
Pyramid Peak
Noble Knob
Mutton Mountain
Mount Sawyer
Cleveland Mountain
Dock Butte
Mount Si
Little Mountain
Pugh, Mount
Bare Mountain
Rattlesnake Ridge
Tiger Mountain
McClellan Butte
McDonald Point
Carne Mountain
Mount David
Dirtyface Ridge
Rock Mountain
Icicle Ridge
Chelan Butte
Big Hill
Pyramid Mountain
Mission Peak
Davis Peak
Red Mountain
Jolly Mountain
Koppen Mountain
Lookout Mountain (Cle Elum)
Lion Rock
Edgar Rock
Bald Mountain
Cleman Mountain
Mount Aix
Round Mountain
Mount St Helens
South Point
Lost Lake
Hawkeye Point
Beacon Rock
Steamboat Mountain
Badger Peak
West Twin Butte
Glacier View
Anvil Rock
Mount Beljica
O Farrell\South Prairie (AWS)
Hamilton Butte
Surprise Mountain
Silver Star Mountain
Flander Lake Lookout
Nisqually Lookout
Stahl Mountain
Tongue Mountain
Sauk Mountain
Mount Persis
Gardner Mountain
Cispus Mountain\Twin Sisters
White Chuck Mountain
Round Mountain
Tiffany Mountain
American Ridge\Goat Peak
Boundary Butte
Spiral Butte
French Butte
Canyon Lookout
Crystal Mountain
Dog Mountain
Peoh Point
Taneum Point
Frost Mountain
Quartz Mountain
(Feel free to contact me if you know of a lookout that isn't on my lists)
West Cascades - North
West Cascades - Central
West Cascades - South
(Everything West of the Cascade Crest and North of Hwy 2)
(Everything West of the Cascade Crest between Hwy 2 & Hwy 12)
(Everything West of the Cascade Crest South of Hwy 12)
East Cascades North
East Cascades Central
East Cascades South
(Everything East of the Cascade Crest and North of Hwy 2)
(Everything East of the Cascade Crest between Hwy 2 & Hwy 12)
(Everything East of the Cascade Crest South of Hwy 12)
Spark Plug Mountain
Bethal Ridge
Bird Mountain
Lemei Rock
Martin Lookout
Stampede Pass Lookout
Maloney Ridge
Stevens Pass\Skylight Ridge
Sulphur Mountain
Cedar Mountain
All towers, tents, trees, firefinders and locations considered
Three Mile Post Firefinder
Pleasant Valley
Wickersham/Anderson Mtn.
Sulphur Butte
Dillard Point
Baker Point
Barlow Pass
Olympic & Willapa Hills Sites
Other Pages:
Northeast Washington Lookout Sites
Southeast Washington Lookout Sites
Lookout Mountain (Glacier )
Benchmark Mountain
Black Oak
Beckler Peak
Black Rock
Blackjack Ridge
Bannock Mountain
Barometer Mountain
Anderson Butte
Bacon Point
Goat Mountain
Gold Mountain\Hill
Gee Point
Glacier Ridge
Haystack Mountain
Higgins Mount
Galena G.S. LO
Frailey Mountain/Cavanaugh
French Point
Excelsior Point
Devils Mountain
Easy Ridge
Finney Peak
Flower Dome
Devils Dome
Crater Mountain
Church, West
Circle Peak
Crater Mountain North
Little Haystack
Cady Point
Church Mountain
Blue Mountain
Blue Canyon
Little Summit
Kodak Peak
Josephine, Mount
Jumbo Mountain
Huckleberry Mountain\Boulder
Johnson Mountain
Sauk Lookout Tree\Lyle
Roland Point
Samish\Butler Hill
South Twin
Stillaguamish/Burn BM
Red Mountain
Rinker Point
Nooksack\Bowman Mountain
North Fork Bench
Wheeler Mountain Shoulder
White Creek
Verlot Point
Whatcom Peak\Lookout Mtn.
Whitechuck Bench
Windy Point
Suiattle Ridge
Texas Pond
Dan Creek G.S.
McClure Rock
Kosmos Hill
The Standing Lookouts of the Cascades
Arch Rock
Buck Creek Firefinder
Cascade Lookout
Cedar Point\Lookout Mountain
Clam Mountain\Weyer. No. 2
Goat Mountain
Huckleberry Mountain
Humphrey Mountain
Hunters Cabin
Kiona Peak
Ladd Mountain
Little Mountain
Lookout Mountain (Nisqually Ent.)
Lookout Peak
Lookout Point/Peak
Lucas Creek
Maloney Mountain
McGuire Creek/Fairfax
Meadow Mountain
Miller Hill
Porcupine Mountain
Profits Point
Rooster Comb Mountain
Saint Paul
Snoqualmie - Canyon 2
Snowshoe Butte
Sunset Park
West Fork Tilton
Windy Knob
Windy Knoll
Big Huckleberry
Breezy Point
Bunker Hill
Burnt Peak
Cascade Creek/Devils Burn
Clear Creek
Cougar Rock
Council Bluff/Butte
Coyote Mountain
Dark Mountain Trail
Devils Peak
Dry Creek
Elk Mountain
Elk Rock
Ferrous Point
Ted Gilbert
Goat Ridge
Green Knob
Green Lookout Mountain
Horseshoe Ridge
House Rock
Huffman Peak
Hungry Peak
Juniper Peak
Langille Ridge
Larch Mountain
Lone Butte
Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mtn\Angry Mtn
Mount Margaret
McCoy Peak
Meridian Mountain
Mount Mitchell
Mowich Butte
Observation Peak - Trapper
Nannie Peak
Point 3670
Pompey Peak
Powderhorn\Davis Peak
Saturday Rock
Signal Peak (Toutle)
Siouxon Peak
Sisters Rock
Smith Creek Butte
Spencer Butte
Summit G.S. LO
Summit Prairie
Sunrise Peak
Termination Point/Peak
Three Corner Rock
Tower Rock
Vanson Peak
West Point Butte
Wolf Point
Zion, Mount\Biddle Butte
Harriets Peak\Hardscramble
Jack Ridge
Goat Peak
Grindstone Mountain
Little Bald
Lookout Mountain
Fish Lake\Clark Lake
French Ridge
Easton Ridge
Elbow Peak
Beehive Mountain
Big Creek
Badger Mountain (just over river)
Clover Springs
Devils Slide Patrol Point
Miners Ridge
Naneum Ridge
McCue Ridge
Middle Teanaway
Lorraine Point
Manastash Ridge
Lakeview Mountain
Little Baldy Peak
Hagerty Butte
Jennies Butte
Little Huckleberry
Madcat Meadow
Grayback Mountain
Goat Butte
Grassy Knoll
Blue Slide
Darland Mountain
Bear Creek Mountain
Dymond Gap\Laurel
Panther Creek Butte
Pine Mountain\Cowiche Lookout
Monte Cristo
Nestor Peak
McKays Butte
Sedge Ridge
Sheep Butte
Simcoe Butte
Sleeping Beauty
Polallie Mountain
Raven Roost
North Ridge
Roaring Ridge
Stafford - Standup Ridge
Teanaway Butte
Three Brothers
Buttermilk Butte
Byrd Point
Burch Mountain
Burch Mtn - Eagle Rock
Chiliwist Butte
Bridge Creek
Bunker Hill
Borealis Ridge
Boulder Butte
Basalt Mtn\Peak
Big Hill\Woodpile
Baldy Mountain
Black Ridge
Blue Goat Mountain
Cougar Mountain
Cougar Ridge
Cooper Mountain
Corral Butte
Chumstick Mountain
Junction Ridge
Junior Point
Granite Mountain
Horton Butte
Juniper Point
Keystone Point
Goman Peak
Goode Ridge
Goat Mountain
Gold Ridge
Estes Butte
Duncan Hill
Glory Mountain
McGregor Mountain
Midnight Mountain
Lucerne Mountain
McClure Mountain
Klone Peak
Oval Peak
Pearygin Peak
North Creek Butte
Old Baldy
Poe Mountain
Point Defiance
Muckamuck Mountain
Nelson Butte
Slide Ridge
Milton Mountain
Reynolds Peak
Robinson Pass
Remmel Mountain
Setting Sun, Mount
Skull & Crossbones
Domke Mountain
Driveway Butte
Doe Mountain
Dollar Watch Mountain
Defiance Point
Diamond Point
Burch Ridge
Swakane Ridge
South Creek Butte
Starvation Mountain
Soda Springs
Stiletto Ridge
Stormy Mountain
War Creek Ridge
Thrapp Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Sweetgrass Butte
Vie Mountain
Winthrop\Stud Horse Butte
Washington Butte
Windy Peak
crows nest crows nest crows nest fire camp Firefinder
Crows Nests
Summit Camps
Firefinder Only
Black Diamond Hill
Patrol Point 3510
Leavenworth Lookout
Pratt Lake Trail
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