Peoh Point Lookout

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Towering over Cle Elum, Peoh Point is one of those places you must visit if you are a local. For the rest of us, Peoh Point is a nice vista that requires little effort to reach. The summit also had a lookout from 1951 to the mid 90's, possibly one of the most famous as it was featured in the TV show Northern Exposure. Today, a bunch of communication buildings are on top but the views can still be found all around.
Find your way into South Cle Elum and onto 6th Street which becomes the Westside Road. Follow it just past the Mohar Road turn, to the large curve (shown on the map) where Forest Road 3350 will branch off. A sign might say Peoh Point 10 miles once you start up FR3350. The road is very well maintained for any vehicle. At the top of the ridge around 2 miles short of the lookout, you hit a 5 way intersection. Go left. This road is a bit bumpier but should be doable for all. At just under a mile to the lookout is a gate. This may be locked. If so, there is lots of room to park.
Distance: Drive-up or under one mile
Summit Elevation: 4,020 feet
Road Access: Most of way on good gravel
Former Lookouts
If gate is locked, it is an easy walk on the road less than a mile to the lookout spot.
Peoh Point cle elum valley cle elum Peoh Point gate towers cle elum Peoh Point northern exposure Peoh Point Lookout       peoh point map
Cle Elum from Peoh Point
Changing colors in Fall from the gate
The gate open, parking area is on my right
Looking east to Lookout Mountain and Table Mountain
View NW from Peoh Point
Communication equipment on the point
Screen shot of the lookout during an episode of Northern Exposure
Peoh Point 1952
Below: Map to Peoh Point from South Cle Elum 6th Street which becomes the Westside Road