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Last Update: June 16, 2016
Grenada Gros Piton Montserrat Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is a mix of Spanish, Caribbean and American culture. San Juan is similar to the States but small towns, villages, and a rugged mountainous interior is nothing like the mainland.
Montserrat Volcano Tour
Montserrat is a British Territory Caribbean island, part of the Lesser Antilles chain. It is most known for the Soufriere Hills volcano that erupted in 1995 and continues to have episodes. There have been five periods of lava flow, explosive activity and pyroclastic flows. The eruptions have caused significant damage to the south of the island and destroyed the town of Plymouth, which now is the only volcanic-buried town in the Americas.
Grenada is a three island state: Grenada, Carriacou, &Petite Martinique. Grenada is the largest at 12 miles wide and 21 miles long. The highest point is Mount Saint Catherine at 2,757 feet. One third of the worlds nutmeg supply comes from Grenada. Known as The Spice Isle, many other spices, fruits, and vegetables are grown, as well as cocoa.
Gros Piton Climb
Anytime the Southern Caribbean is on showcase, an image of the iconic Pitons will be displayed. They are located on the west coast of the island nation of St. Lucia. With nearly 3,000 feet of near vertical rise out of the sea, the pyramid shape of Gros Piton and Petit Piton are powerful displays of topography, and to a peakbagger, something that must be done. The highest and most climbed is Gros Piton.
San Juan National Historic Site
Old San Juan
Luquillo Beach
Isla Verde Beach
El Yunque National Forest
St. Lucia
Our flight left from:
The island of:
Chasing the quest to visit all 700+ former lookout sites in Washington.
Baker Preserve Trail - Lummi Island
Lummi Island has one trail that makes for an interesting walk. The long narrow island has an old road running the length of it shortly below the crest. Now you have a reason to visit this isolated location.
Baker Preserve Trail Devils Mountain
Bay View State Park
Galbraith Mountain Lookout Site
Devils Mountain Lookout Site
Simpson Hill Lookout Site
Grisdale Lookout Site
Dennie Ahl Lookout Site
Located near Mt. Vernon, Bay View is along Padilla Bay, a National Estuarine Sanctuary.
Osborne Snoqualmie
Snoqualmie Lookout Site
The Snoqualmie Tree Farm is a huge block of undeveloped land located in King County. With so much developable land so close to Seattle, the County decided to purchase the development rights. Deep inside this farm is the location of the former Snoqualmie Lookout. It was built in 1942, as a 50 foot pole tower with an L-6 cab on top. It was removed or destroyed in 1965.
Osborne Photo Survey
A friend and I went to the Seattle National Archives to spend the day shooting and scanning some Osborne Photo Survey Photos from the early 1930's. I needed to know if there were any ones I wasn't aware of and to get larger copies for some of the more difficult sites to find. Here are about 20 percent of the Washington photos. Hit the zoom for even better detail.
Lookout Mountain Tumwater Mountain
Lookout Mountain
Located near Bellingham, the 110th most prominent peak in Washington is about as high as its prominence. Lookout Mountain is a long mountain with three highpoints, each of which had a fire lookout tower at some point. The Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve is a pretty nice forest that makes a road hike almost seem like a trail hike. No views but the open forest below a high canopy is interesting and two former lookout sites were obtained in one hike.
Tumwater Mountain
Towering above Leavenworth, Tumwater is a popular destination among peakbaggers since it is the 97th most prominent mountain in Washington. But it's real charm is the history of the lookout camp near the summit. Few lookouts have the kind of history that Tumwater Mountain offers. It was in use prior to 1914 making it one of the oldest in Washington.
I receive numerous requests each week for permission to use a photo from this website. If you would like to use one, please contact me. I can email a better copy with full permission use with a donation of $10 per photo.
Maze District - Canyonlands National Park
One of the most remote locations in the lower 48 states, only the most adventurous venture into this part of the National Park. With three days, my trek would loop around the district, a distance of 50 or 60 miles....I really don't know because of all the twists and turns.
Maze District
Flint Trail Switchbacks To Golden Staircase
Ernies Country Trail
Horse Canyon & Plug Canyon
st paul lookout
Kapowsin Tree Farm Lookouts
One of the largest tree farms in Washington is on the West side of Mt. Rainier National Park. But, an expensive gate key and permit is required to get in. I got one now which gives me one year to hit all the locations I've ever wanted to visit inside the Kapowsin Tree Farm. Here were the top two:
St. Paul Lookout
Electron Lookout
butte montana
We don't get to Montana too often but this spring we made a detour to visit some places we had never been. Lots of mining history was learned and our kids who love Minecraft seemed to enjoy it more than us.
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
Bannack State Park
Anderson Butte Kloshe Nanich Dusk Point Spruce Railroad Trail
More Former Lookouts - South Olympics/Coast
Chasing the quest to visit all 700+ former lookout sites in Washington.
Dusk Point
Weatherwax Ridge
Kloshe Nanich Lookout Site
Located in the Northern Olympic Mountains, with a commanding view over the Solduc Valley, Kloshe Nanich was the first known lookout building in Clallam County, and possibly the first lookout building on the Olympic Peninsula. It's location was on a 19 mile long ridgeline that to this day, has no official name. Constructed in 1917, it was a D-6 cupola cabin.
Spruce Railroad Trail
Social media has broadcast this trail as one of the top 10 in Washington so it gets lots of visitors. The trail follows an old railway line for most of its length making it great for biking or just easy walking. In the future, the path will be paved making it even easier. The trail will keep road bikers from traveling Highway 101 on the south side of the lake, one of the most dangerous biking routes in Washington with no shoulders and distracted drivers gawking at the views. This trail is also part of the Olympic Discovery Trail, a planned 126 mile route going from Port Townsend to La Push.
Anderson Butte Lookout Site
Somehow Washington ended up with two Anderson Butte Lookouts, one in Whatcom County, the other down in Grays Harbor County, at the south end of the Olympic Mountains. This is the one in the Olympic National Forest, one of the most interesting former lookout sites yet one of the least visited. The tread is nearly perfect but unless it is brushed out occasionally, the trail will overgrow. The reward for your effort is a ending climbing up a trail blasted out of a knife-edge ridge to a site blasted flat enough to place a large fire lookout.
North Point Lookout Site
Prices Peak
Just a half mile up the hill is:
field guide
Standing Cascade Lookouts
Former Cascade Lookouts
The Olympic Mountains
Cape Flattery Trail Mount Shasta Shi Shi Beach
Cape Flattery Trail - Makah Nation
This short trail takes you to the northwesternmost point in the continental United States. This tourist trail starts out hiking through a Sitka Spruce forest but ends at cliffs and sea stacks. Platforms make viewing fairly safe but unprotected cliffs are around so keep young kids close. Boardwalks keep the feet dry through most of the muddy areas. Visitors have a good shot at seeing wildlife such as whales, sea lions, sea otters and many seabirds. Off in the distance is Tatoosh Island, a 20 acre almost treeless island that was used by the Makah as a fishing camp. The first lighthouse on the island was in 1857, with one still standing today
Shi Shi Beach - Point of the Arches
For a real hiking or camping experience on the remote Washington coastline, take a hike out to Shi Shi Beach. There is much to explore in the area including some of the highest cliffs and best sea stacks along the coastline. There are even some historic WW2 bunkers that are there but difficult to find. In times past, this area was a real nightmare for parking and hiking. Today, the parking is much better (see requirements) and the trail has been improved a lot. Expect to see lots of people so have fun with it, you'll see groups doing yoga to groups in their pajamas.
Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gulch Route
One of the most popular climbing destinations in California is Mt. Shasta. The majority of climbers use the standard Avalanche Gulch route. To climb this route, there is no need for extra climbing gear you might have on glaciated peaks, just an ice axe and crampons are all that is needed. You will see just about every type of novice climber on this route so it is known for having accidents.