More Former Lookouts - Central Cascades
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Kiona Peak
Kiona Peak is one of the great vantage points in the Cowlitz Valley, with a prominence of over 1,500 feet. But it's the history that makes Kiona Peak so great. In 1917 the first lookout station in the Rainier National Forest was constructed on the summit requiring explosives to blast off a piece of the top to find a large enough space. The site was abandoned in 1963 and is nearly forgotten today as its access is rather difficult due to locked logging roads.
Kiona Peak
More Former Lookouts
Buck Mountain
Funk Mountain
Chasing the quest to visit all 700+ former lookout sites in Washington. These 6 are on the east side of the Cascades in the Okanogan area.
Leecher Mountain
Badger Mountain
Beckler Peak
One of the most popular trails in the Wild Sky Wilderness is Beckler Peak. It has a relatively new trail up to the east peak. But from the east peak, cliffs block access to the historic west peak which once had a fire lookout station. Well, there is now a trail up to this lookout site, using what I will call the west peak trail. Old logging roads have been utilized for making an extremely nice route to reach high on the west ridge and then connect with the old lookout trail near the summit.
Harriets Peak
Every former lookout site is unique and this one hits high on the charts. The lookout is still there....although in shambles on the ground. In 2008, the lookout was discovered toppled over. Some suspect the leg clamps were loosened and it was intentionally brought down. Maybe so, considering the roof was blown off during the winter of 2006/07. Other sites visited this day include:
Mount Bonaparte
Mount Bonaparte is the highest peak in the mountains just east of the Okanogan River in NE Washington. It stands alone with 3,537 feet of prominence. This makes it the 31st most prominent mountain in Washington State, and 230th in the lower 48 states. Its the third highest peak in all of NE Washington.
Beckler Peak Mount Bonaparte Leecher harriets peak
Naneum Ridge
Lion Rock
Knowlton Knob
Okanogan P.O.
Columbia River Gorge Hikes
Spokane Mountain
Quartz Mountain
Spent a full day hiking around old and current lookout sites in the South Cascades, while my family was in the Columbia River Gorge.
Wellpinit Mountain
Tower Mountain
Image Lake and Miners Ridge
One of the most popular destinations in the backcountry of the Glacier Peak Wilderness is Image Lake. It's reflection of Glacier Peak is as iconic as Mt. Shuksun & Picture Lake or Mt. Rainer & Reflection Lake. Image Lake attracts photographers, fisherman, lake lovers, and nearly every backpacker at some point in their hiking lifetime. Surrounded my meadows and endless wandering on high ridges above, Image Lake is a worthy destination, but you will have to work for it.
Plummer Mountain
With nearly 2,000 feet of prominence, Plummer Mountain is a big mass rising at the far east end of the popular Miners Ridge. The summit makes for a nice half-day outing if camping at Image Lake in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Its south slopes are generally tame but the north side is quite dramatic.
And: Cloudy Pass
Also see: Miners Ridge Lookout
Lookout Point
Cloudy Pass Plummer Mountain red mountain
Blake Island Kayak Trip
Paddling around Blake Island is possible from many directions but this particular trip is from access at Manchester, a much shorter water crossing than from King County. Manchester has a nice boat launch and park. The Port of Manchester has a small launch fee with a machine that takes credit cards. Unfortunately, no overnight parking is allowed.
3 More Washington State Parks
Lookouts Near Spokane
Spent a couple of days at the Forest Fire Lookout Association gathering at the Fire Museum in Spokane. Some lookouts were VIP tours, others were on our own.
One near Greenwater, two near Snoqualmie Pass.
Jumpoff Lookout
Divide Ridge stretches for miles south of Rimrock Lake and the Tieton Basin. Located at Jumpoff Point on the divide, at the north end is the former lookout called Jumpoff, the last remaining lookout in the Naches Ranger District. The Jumpoff Lookout is at a point with sheer cliffs to the north, east and west.
Blake Island Former Lookouts Jumpoff Washington State Parks Spokane
Pearrygin Lake State Park
Concunully State Park
Daroga State Park
Roaring Ridge Lookout
Meadow Mountain Lookout
Huckleberry Mountain Lookout (Christoff Lookout)
Miller Hill
Sherwood Mountain
Former Sites
Standing Sites
Mount Spokane
Blake Island State Park
Grassy Knoll
Red Mountain Lookout
Big Huckleberry
Stevenson High School Training Site
Little Huckleberry
Granite Peak Harstine Island Nannie Ridge Mount Washburn
More Former Lookouts - Cascades
Two near Mt. Baker, two in the Gifford Pinchot.
Goat Ridge Lookout Site
Nannie Ridge Lookout Site
Church Mountain Lookout Site
Goat Mountain Lookout Site
Trip includes 4 More Washington State Parks visited
McMicken Island State Park
Jarrell Cove State Park
Hope Island State Park
Harstine Island Kayak Trip
Stretch Point State Park
Often referred to as the poor mans San Juan's, kayaking in the Southwest Puget Sound can offer an excellent paddling experience.
Granite Peak - Montana State Highpoint
The highest peak in the state of Montana is Granite Peak, located in the south central part of the state in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. It is considered one of the hardest state highpoints, and it was my last state highpoint to do of any difficulty.
The Climb
The Hike To The Base
Mount Washburn - Yellowstone National Park
One of the best viewpoints in Yellowstone National Park is a hike to the top of Mount Washburn, the most central summit in the park. Although the park would list it as strenuous for its visitors, for most hikers it would be considered easy. The summit offers panoramic views of about 20 to 50 miles in all directions, including the Teton Range to the far south.
Monument Geyser Basin
There was also time for this short hike in the park....
Troop 333
hahobas Tumac
Troop 333 - Guy Richards Pictures
I've been looking to do this for a long time. I've scanned several years worth of slides from my old Troop 333 campouts. Its been lots of fun to look back and see the kinds of things we did and remind myself of the early years when the mountains were still mysterious. This is when the backcountry adventures began, as well as when the learning curve was its most extreme. Getting hypothermia at least once, sleeping bags falling off packs, broken gear, inadequate gear, so glad to have learned it all here before I got into the even more adventurous stuff later on.
Tumac Mountain
Located on the high plateau between White Pass and Bumping Lake, in an area known for many lakes and meadows is a cinder cone volcano. The volcano is located all alone far removed from other mountains so it has over 1,100 feet of prominence. Tumac Mountain was named after two Macs, McDuff and McAdam, Scottish sheepherders.
West Fork Tilton Fire Lookout
The specific location of the West Fork Tilton lookout could have easily disappeared without a trace. Thankfully, the lookout site views were photographed in 1934. After several hours of comparison work on Google Earth, I found the location located at a 4-way road intersection.
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Last Update: Nov. 5, 2015
Graybeard Peak
Graybeard Peak
Graybeard Peak is a pyramid shape summit off the North Cascades Highway, accessed from the Easy Pass Trail. Maps just show the summit as Point 7965. Although the peak is in the vicinity of many of the top 100 highest Washington peaks, it didn't make the list. But, it does have over 1,000 feet of prominence and makes it onto Washington's Top 100 Steepest Peaks List.