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The Wasatch Mountains Central
The Utah County Highpoints
Utah 2,000+ Prominence Peaks
#4 West Uinta Mountains
Welcome to my Utah page where you can find everything you want to know about hiking & peakbagging in Utah. I've got hundreds of my trip reports here. This page has many groupings so you can search for trip reports matching you're intended interest for the day.
Utah Winter Climbs
Utah Peakbagging with Children
Utah has 29 counties but three of the highpoints double up as two county highpoints. That leaves 26 highpoints for the state of Utah. Join the growing number of climbers and non-climbers looking to reach the highest point in every Utah county.
There are 84 peaks in Utah with 2,000+ feet of prominence. This is the list with trip reports and maps for each one as I climb them.
These are the Uinta Mountains on the west side of the Mirror Lake Highway 150. Because almost all these peaks have great easy access they make for perfect day trips.
Trip reports for peaks that Iíve done in the winter. I also plan to put trips here that I did in other months but would make good winter trips based on route and access.
Utah is a great place to hike if you have kids. With great weather and excellent access to public lands, it offers countless trips that are quick and easy with kids.
Most of these trips are to the tops of mountains, some with trails while others are completely off trail.
These are the peaks in the Wasatch north of I-80 and south of I-84.
#16 Oquirrh Mountains Peaks
The Oquirrh Mountains are full of climbing opportunities but you need to know where to start and which routes to avoid private property. This list covers all the Oquirrh Mountain peaks with trip reports as I get to them. Antalope Island is also included here.
#15 Lake & Northeast Tintic Mountains
This area west of Utah Lake is the perfect location for winter and spring climbs when you want to get out but not for too long. With all the distant peaks under snow, the clear winter sky and the lack of snakes, try one of these hikes....you'll enjoy it.
#7 Heber Group - South Uinta
These mountains south of the Uintas are lower but no less beautiful in their own way. Roads will give you excellent access so the peaks area easy. Try them in fall when the colors changing on the aspens are amazing. A visit to this area will keep you coming back for more.
#14 Great Basin Mountains
Check out these peaks for climbing in the winter or early spring months. The terrain is usually easy, the views are vast and you won't see another person on the summit. The weather is often sunny even when the Wasatch is socked in with clouds.
#22 Utah Western Desert Peaks
A bit further to drive, here are more peaks to climb in the far western regions of Utah. Some of these are really remote so grab your favorite hiking partner and try one out.
This group of peaks includes the Deep Creek Range, Fish Springs Range, Confusion Range, House Range and Conger Range.
#17 Stansbury Mountains
Located just west of Tooele, these mountains are a popular hiking destination. With lots of trails and public land, most of the peaks are easily accessible.
#10 The Wasatch Plateau
The Wasatch Plateau has big views and lots of easy hiking above 10,000 feet. Come here to cool off, camp and enjoy some easy peaks.
#23 Western Desert South Peaks
#18 Cedar Mountains
#2 Bear River Group
#9 Strawberry Reservoir Mountains
#20 Silver Island Mountains
#21 Northwest Utah
#27 Pahvant Mountains
#13 East Tintic (South) Mountains
#12 Canyon Mountains
#19 Great Salt Lake Group
Frisco Peak
Scrub Benchmark
Signal Peak
West Mountain Peak
Graham Peak
Bull Mountain
Pioneer Peak & Coffee Peak
Mine Camp Peak
Tintic Mountain
Champlin Peak
Long Ridge
Fool Creek Peak & Buck Peak
Bluebell Knoll
Fish Lake Hightop Plateau
Hilgard Mountain
Monroe Peak
San Pitch Mountains HP
Bruin Point
Brian Head Peak
Mount Peale & Mellenthin
Mount Ellsworth
San Rafael Knob
Other groups that will soon have their own webpage:
#5 East Uinta Mountains
The east Uinta Mountains are where most of the Utah big ones are at. If only they were closer, I'd bag'em all sooner.
Utah Regions Map

Utah Hikes Outside the Wasatch Mountains

(Numbers reflect location on map below)
#29 Fish Lake Group
#35 La Sal Group
#33 Escalante Group
#30 San Rafael Swell
#11 San Pitch Group
#31 Roan Cliffs
#28 Richfield Group
#32 Northeast Group
#1 Wellsville Wedge Group
#25 Zion Group
#24 St. George Group
#26 Tushar Mountains
#34 Canyonlands Group
Box Elder Peak
North Wah Wah
Cricket Mountains Highpoint
Mount Holmes
Stevens BM (Valley Mountains HP)

The Wasatch Mountains

How would you like to climb every mountain in the Wasatch Front! Find information, pictures and a map to climb every Wasatch Mountain. These lists include every highpoint with 300+ feet of prominence. If it is highlighted, click the link for all the information.
The Wasatch Mountains North
The Wasatch Mountains South
These are the peaks in the Wasatch Mountains south of I-80 and north of Provo Canyon. This area includes Big/Little Cottonwood Canyons, Mill Creek Canyon and American Fork Canyon.
This area is south of Provo Canyon down to Mount Nebo.
This is a large area of Utah consisting of portions of the Wasatch Range, Monte Cristo Range and the Bear River Range.
Highlights include the Lakeside Mountains, Grassy Mountains and Antelope Island.
Going west from the Salt Lake Valley you have the Oquirrh Range, then Stansbury Range, then the Cedar Range.
Dome Plateau
Cedar Mountain
These are mountains between I-40 and Highway 6. Roads will give you excellent access so the peaks area easy.
Cobb Peak
Thousand Lakes Mountain
Utah Unique Places to Visit
Big Cottonwood Canyon Hiking Trails
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Signal Peak (Glenwood Mountain)
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Desert Peak
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Temple Mountain
Angels Landing
Strawberry Point
Observation Point
Ogden Mountain view
View South from Mt. Ogden
40 Peaks
77 Peaks
79 Peaks
Lands End
Indian Peak
Wah Wah Mountains Highpoint
Floating Island Mountain
Veyo Volcano
Split Mountain
Mount Ellen
Utah is full of mountains. Most arenít technical and only a few outside of winter are that spectacular to look at. What they do offer is easy access, wonderful views and year round peakbagging. Although tough routes can be found, almost every peak in the state has a scramble or walk-up route. I find it interesting that the majority of Utahís population sits at the base of 11,000 foot peaks but few of them become peakbaggers. A high number hike, even hike up the highest peaks but few become addicted to climbing peaks elsewhere in the state. So, if you are a Utah hiker, consider some off trail peakbagging. Feel free to email me with any questions.

I was attracted to Utah for three reasons. (Spent 4 years living there)
1) Good weather for climbing year round. Although a storm may hit for a day or two, it usually clears out quickly.
2) Easy access for climbing with my kids. There are roads everywhere. With 4WD, easy peakbagging with the kids can be found across the state.
3) Central location for Western U.S. climbing. Itís only one days drive to access any peak in the Western U.S!
Corona Arch Trail