Mount Naomi Wilderness

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This group is a large area of Utah consisting of portions of the Wasatch Range, Monte Cristo Range and the Bear River Range. The group is bound by the Idaho border, Wyoming border, I-80, I-84, I-15 and I-91.

Bear River Group peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

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Bear River Group Peaks with 1,000+ prominence

Bear River Map
Bear River Group  Elevation  Climbed 
Naomi Peak  9,979  9/19/2009 
Willard Peak  9,763  8/01/2007 
Logan Peak  9,710  10/28/2008 
Mount Ogden  9,570  6/14/2008 
James Peak  9,421  8/22/2009 
Durst Mountain  9,284   
Monte Cristo Peak  9,148  7/7/2008 
Sharp Mountain  9,082   
Temple Peak  9,026  6/28/2010 
"Paradise Peak"  8,529   
"Blacksmith Peak"  8,455   
"China Town"  8,220   
Eyrie (Lewis Peak)  8,136  8/22/2010 
Rex Peak  7,996  6/28/2010 
Mount Naomi Wilderness from Logan Peak
"China Town"
Monte Cristo
Logan Peak Utah James Peak Uah Mount Ogden Utah Monte Cristo Peak, Utah Willard Peak and Ben Lomond Naomi Peak, Utah

Naomi Peak, Mount Gog, Mount Magog, Bullen Hole Peak

Monte Cristo Peak

Logan Peak & "East Logan"

Mount Ogden & De Moisy Peak

James Peak

Willard Peak & Ben Lomond

Red Spur Mountain

Red Spur Mountain

Sardine Peak

Sardine Peak

Tin Cup meadows Rex Peak Temple Peak ATV trail Bear Lake from Bridger Peak

Peak 8260 "Tin Cup"

Rex Peak

Bridger Peak - Rich County Highpoint

Temple Peak

Eyrie Peak (Lewis Peak)

Eyrie Peak