The highest mountain between the Mount Naomi Wilderness and Bear Lake is Temple Peak. Temple Peak has 1,216 feet of prominence but the lower elevation doesn't quite break tree line. Still, there are some views and the challenge of getting to the summit is fun. There are two signed roads off the Hardwire Ranch Road. A determined effort got my Jeep through a very tight squeeze around a fallen tree and a snow bank on the summit ridge. Still, I was stopped short of the summit by a steep rocky outcrop I wasn't willing to chance my vehicle on.
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Temple Peak

Distance: 3/4 mile to 1.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 300+ feet
Summit Elevation: 9,026 feet
Access rating: Level 3 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
As the map and legend below it show, there is a north and south road to the summit. Both are signed from the Hardwire Ranch Road. I did the south which I'm guessing is much harder. It's 4WD for sure. It's a shorter distance if you decide to walk. One could drive to Elk Spring then park. Once you reach the saddle marked (A), look for a faint ATV trail dropping down on the ridge. I looked at the road on the north side but it was well below the ridge continuing on. Yet, it seems to join up further up the ridge at point (B). If the road is drivable between points (A) and (B) it might be possible to even drive up to the top...although nobody has done it in a while...just ATV's. The best access to the Temple Peak roads that any vehicle can drive is from the north at Bear Lake Summit on highway 89.
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sign to Temple Peak
hike to the summit east to Bear Lake Views from Temple Peak Uinta Mountains Temple Peak ATV road Temple Peak ATV road On the summit Temple Peak map Hardwire Ranch road map
A. Where the road turns more into a ATV trail (easy to miss)
B. Where a ATV/4WD trail comes in
C. Where I parked
D. Steep section of 4WD road
E. Big tree blocking road in 2010
Southern road and sign to Temple Peak
Looking at the final hike to the summit
Looking east to Bear Lake
Looking southeast with a few clouds over the Uinta Mountains
Looking south
Looking at the ATV road on the summit plateau
Taking a break, playing with trucks
On the summit