Ogden Canyon Raod
Take Highway 39 east through Ogden from I-15 into Ogden Canyon. Follow signs north on Highway158 to Power Mountain. Road goes through Eden then steeply to the ski area where there is a large parking lot at the end of the pavement.
From the west end of the parking area near the maintenance sheds, a road climbs south above the parking lot. Signs indicate private residences nearby but the road is ok to walk. It will travel just below most of the residences as it traverses gradually southwest (crossing another road) and going to a saddle at 8,480 feet. Here the road splits going up each ridgeline. Go right and ascend the road (a bit steeper now) all the way to a false summit with great views. The road continues on, dropping down to a saddle. Look for a faint trail climbing the final 600 feet to the top. The trail is a bit steep at the end but the terrain is open and easy to scramble.
James Peak is a fun and relatively easy hike to a summit with big views. A road and trail covers the whole route. Since this is a ski area, access is accessible year round and a winter climb could easily be done as well. The summit benchmark says Wolf Creek Peak but maps show the mountain as James Peak.
Distance: 2 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,422 feet
Kid Difficulty Rating: Moderate
Access Rating: Level 1

James Peak

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James Peak from the Ogden Canyon Raod
Power Mountain bus Power Mountain ridge Power Mountain parking lot Climbing James Peak James Peak James Peak Cashe Valley and Wellsville Mt. Logan area Power Mountain hiking trail James Peak climb Power Mountain Ski area
Looking north to the Cashe Valley and Wellsville Mountains
Looking north to Mt. Logan area
Ben Lomond and Mt. Willard Pineview Reservoir
Looking south to the Pineview Reservoir and Mt. Ogden
On the summit with Ben Lomond and Mt. Willard in distance
Peak 8900B, the top of Power Mountain Ski area
Almost at the top
In the saddle before the final climb
On the false summit
Climbing up to the false summit with the true summit on left
Looking down on the parking lot on way to false summit
Walking up the road
Hiking the ridgeline
In the parking area
Ben Lomand
Ben Lomand
James Peak map
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