Reynolds Peak Utah summit
Ant Knolls
Utah is a great place to hike if you have kids. It's one of the reasons we moved to Utah, although we have since moved back to Washington. With great weather and excellent access to public lands, it offers countless trips that are quick and easy with kids. Most of these trips are to the tops of mountains. Some have trails halfway or all the way to the top, while others are completely off trail. If this is the case, they are usually brush free and easy to do. Some trips can be done in late fall or early spring. January through March can be difficult to getting out so the hiking season is about 9 months with kids. During the spring, when the snow pack is in the higher mountains, I did trips west of I-15. The western desert is beautiful in the spring with distant snow covered peaks, no bugs or snakes and lots of wildflowers.

Once all the snow has melted, move east of I-15 doing the higher elevation peaks through the summer. This is possible until late fall when it gets fairly cold again and lower peaks in the desert gain more appeal. With two adults, even more difficult peaks are possible. Almost all the peaks in the list above I was able to do alone carrying 2 kids. Every situation is different depending on the combination of ages with your children.
Scott Hill
Clayton Peak and Peak 10,420
PC Hill

Utah Hikes with Children

Utah Hiking & Climbing
Cedar Mountain
Monte Cristo Peak
Pine Hollow Peak
View Benchmark
Central Wasatch
Access Levels
Level 1: Paved Road
Level 2: Nice gravel, any passenger car can drive
Level 3: Rough road but possible for some passenger cars
Level 4: High Clearance 4X4 needed
Level 5: Very bad, possible damage to any vehicle
Dale Benchmark
Big Mountain and Big Mountain South
Lion Head
Powerhouse Mountain
Buffalo Point-Antelope Island
Eagle Mountain Peak
Cat Hill and Greeley Hill
South Wasatch
North Wasatch
West of I-15
Central Utah Ranges
Utah children hiking map
1) Central Wasatch
2) North Wasatch
3) South Wasatch
West of I-15
(An * means you may be able to drive all the way up)
Thorpe Hills 4
Toplift Hill
Round Top & Davis Mountain
Utah Hiking
Bull Mountain *
Murdock Mountain
Brian Head Peak *
South Tent Mountain
Mine Camp Peak
Thurston Peak
East Mountain
Monument Peak*
Sabie Mountain
Long Ridge
Lake Mountains Highpoint *
West Mountain
Boulter Peak
Champlin Peak
Scrub Benchmark
West Mountain Peak *
Frisco Peak *
San Pitch Mountains
Logan Peak *
Strawberry Peak *
Frary Peak
East of Heber City
Currant Creek Peak & Red Creek Mountain
Heber Mountain *, Duchesne Ridge * & Wolf Creek Mountain
Bald Knoll
Tabby Mountain *
Woodland Peak
Soapstone Mountain
Bald Mountain
Cascade Springs Hill
Little Mountain
Ensign Peak
Reynolds Peak
Red Spur Mountain
James Peak
Teat Mountain *
Skunk Ridge
Wanlass Hill & Blowhole Hill
Black Mountains Highpoint
Haystack Mountain
Eccentric Benchmark
Bald Mountain
Pioneer & Coffee Peaks
Bruin Point *
Beaver Benchmark *
Hilgard Mountain
Fish Lake Hightop Plateau
Bluebell Knoll
Monroe Peak *
Summit of Reynolds Peak
Tintic Mountain
Vernon Hills
South Mountain West
Sardine Peaks
Cedar Mountain*
Sky High
Dome Plateau
"Benmore Peak"
Hiking with Children
Corona Arch Trail