Pioneer Peak on left summit of Pioneer Peak north from Pioneer Pioneer from the north
Pioneer Peak is at the northern end of the Pahvant Mountain Range just east of Fillmore. In this area, there are many hiker and horse trails even though the area is dominated by ATVers on the Paiute ATV trail. The register on top of Pioneer Peak was placed by someone from Colorado in 1994. Between my visit in September of 2008 and then, only one other person had signed it! There is a trail almost to the summit and Iím sure many hunters cross over the top yearly but few dig into the summit cairn (like my son) to find the register. There was even a bunch of garbage on the summit from hunters but they never noticed the register.
Pioneer Peak on left, Mt. Catherine on right from the north
The map on this page actually shows six different peaks you can climb on this section of the Paiute ATV trail-road. The first is a drive-up (Peak 9500) which is right when you hit the ridge crest if coming from Fillmore. As you drive toward Pioneer, you pass right under Willow Creek Peak and Jacks Peak. Both are 5-10 minute walk-ups. Pioneer Peak has a trail up its east ridge but the final 100 feet is easy off-trail. For peak 9934, park at the gate on the west side and walk the fence line east on a trail to the top. For Peak 10,042 and Coffee Peak, you can park in the saddle between the two and get both. A trail leaves the saddle to the south and goes all the way to the top of 10,042. On top is a small communication tower. One section of trail near the beginning disappears but it can easily be found on the other side of the first hill. For Coffee Peak, the trail goes north from the saddle about halfway up, and then itís easy cross country travel on its south ridge to the top.
The Route:

Pioneer Peak & 5 others

Distance: All 1 mile or less
Elevation Gain: 500 feet for Pioneer
Summit Elevations: 9,500 to 10,129 (Pioneer)
Kid difficulty rating: All Easy
Access rating: Level 3 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
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SE from Pioneer Peak Between pioneer and coffee
Pioneer from the north
Looking north from Pioneer
On the summit of Pioneer Peak
Looking NE to Peak 9934
Looking SE from Pioneer Peak
Summit of Jacks Peak
From Fillmore, take 200 South Canyon Road off Main Street. Continue on this road until you hit the Paiute ATV trail 14+ miles up. Now on the ridge top, go north past Willow Creek Peak to Jacks Peak. There, just below the summit is a turnoff to the west for Pioneer Peak. Follow this road west until it dead-ends at the trailhead. For the additional peaks north, continue past Jacks Peak following the roads shown on the map.
Pioneer & Coffee Peaks Map Jacks Peak from Willow Creek Mountain
Jacks Peak from Willow Creek Mountain
Willow Creek Peak
Willow Creek Peak
Summit of Jacks Peak Route up Coffee Peak
Route up Coffee Peak
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