Pine Hollow Peak
Pine Hollow Peak is located in the heart of American Fork Canyon. Unfortunately, the peak has no official name so few take the stroll to visit its summit. Although, a trail does go within feet of the summit, because it dead-ends on most maps, few probably hike it. This is a good poor weather hike, most of the route is in the trees, and the views are all of nearby mountains. The only real danger here is mountain bikers flying down the trail behind you. Keep an eye out when going downhill. I was passed by 3 bikers in headlamps in the early hours of the morning!
The trail quickly switchbacks to the ridgeline 100 feet above where you find a trail split. Go left working your way down to a small meadow and campsite. Continue straight at the meadow where another trail goes left. Work uphill then down to Mud Springs where you will need to go left. Follow the map on this hike to avoid wrong turns! Cross Pine Hollow and continue until reaching open meadows and a ridgeline. Pay close attention for a trail going west along the ridgeline crest. The main trail will cut back and go down the other side. Follow this overgrowing trail a good distance until it turns north. The trail goes just below the summit on the south side. Climb 50 feet or so to the top. The trail continues beyond the summit but should drop elevation considerably, go back if so.
Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 700 feet
Summit Elevation: 8,460 feet
Kid difficulty rating: Moderate
Access rating: Level 1

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Find your way into American Fork Canyon. Up the road from Timpooneke Campground on the Alpine Loop Road are a series of windy road turns. Park in the most northern curve (see map).
Wasatch Sunrise
Sunrise from the summit
trail in aspens
Trail through the Aspens
East side of Mt. Timpanogos North Fork Ridge Peak
North Fork Ridge Peak
Good views of the East side of Mt. Timpanogos
American Fork Canyon trail and timpanogos
Dozer on the trail leading the way
American Fork Canyon
Good views of the East side of Mt. Timpanogos from the summit
Mt. Timpanogos
Pine Hollow Peak from North Fork Ridge
Pine Hollow tral map
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