From Fish Lake Hightop
There are several access points off Highway 24 onto nice gravel roads leading to the mountain. I chose a road out of Bicknell. It's signed Backcountry Byway from the highway in town. This road goes all the way to Escalante. There are several splits in the road but all are signed. Follow arrows to "Boulder Top". One split had a nice road leading to Loa, so I took that when I left the area. Eventually is a left turn on FR 178. Follow FR 178 12.8 miles (passing the Aquarius Ranger Station) to a road split, gate and sign saying the road is closed from Oct 31st to June 15th. Follow a left up this road as it climbs up to the Aquarius Plateau. In just over 3 miles you will find a sign on the road saying Bluebell Knoll. Park at the sign. Most of the route is good roads for passenger cars, the final few miles has a rough spot or two but nothing keeping a determined driver from reaching.
Walk up from the sign about 10 minutes to the highest point and sign the register.
This is the Wayne County highpoint. The Knoll is just a highpoint on Boulder Mountain, a massive up rise topped by the Aquarius Plateau. This is an interesting place at 11,000 feet with lots of lakes and rocky outcrops. This is one of the diverse places a hobby like peakbagging will take you too.
Distance: 0.25 mile
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Summit Elevation: 11,328 feet
Kid Difficulty Rating: Easy
Access Rating: Level 3

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From Fish Lake Hightop
Sheep on the Plateau Aquarius Plateau driving toward Bluebell Knoll summit of Bluebell Knoll Sign marking the highpoint Aquarius Plateau Wayne County Highpoint Thunderstorm on the way Bluebell Knoll Map Bluebell Knoll Map
Rushed back to beat this storm cell as it was headed our way
Sheep on the Plateau
On the Aquarius Plateau driving toward Bluebell Knoll
Sign marking the highpoint in distance
Views from the summit of Bluebell Knoll
Summit register
Views southeast from the summit
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