Summit of Mine Camp Peak Mine Camp Peak from the parking
Mine Camp Peak is the highest point in the Pahvant Range and the Millard County Highpoint. Itís location near the famous Paiute ATV Trail system makes it a popular destination for a wide variety of outdoorsman. Views are nice, about the same as nearby White Pine Peak that you can drive up.
From the parking area at the cattle guard, drop down 200 feet to a saddle then climb 400 feet to the top. The terrain is open and easy going, mostly forested Aspen. I've also included Sunset Peak and White Pine Peaks on the maps as they are good drive-ups as well.
summit of Mine Camp Peak.  White Pine Peak
White Pine Peak from the summit of Mine Camp Peak
Sunset Peak
View south from summit of Mine Camp Peak. I quickly signed the summit register as a storm was behind me as well
Sunset Peak while driving up to White Pine Peak
Thunder near Mine Camp Peak.
Didn't even get out of the car for White Pine as the road went to top and lightning was around. There was a gate I had to open just before the summit...I just kept my head low.
Sunset Peak triangulation structure Thunderstorm near Mine Camp Peak.  Pole on Sunset Peak
Sunset Peak had one of the triangle things and a giant telephone pole with nothing on it
Tushar Mountains White Pine Peak from Sunset Peak
Looking south to the Tushar Mountains that just got that snow from a passing storm cell
White Pine Peak from Sunset Peak
From Fillmore, there are two routes up. The most direct is a very rough road that may soon become an ATV trail only. The other is a much longer route but easier on the car. For both routes, take 200 South Canyon Road off Main Street. For the easier route, continue on this road until you hit the Paiute ATV trail 14+ miles up. Then go south on the Paiute route for 10+ more miles until you reach the White Pine turn-off. For the hard route (the one I picked), 0.8 miles from main street turn right on 700 East Sand Rock Ridge. Go 0.4 miles south until the pavement ends but becomes good gravel. Enter the national forest and take note of signs saying jeep travel only. Follow this rocky road keeping to the mainline for about 8 miles until you are at a cattle guard between White Pine and Mine Camp Peaks. Park.

From Richfield main street, go west on 300 North which goes under I-70. From here, the gravel road goes up a mile to a gate, and continues another 6.5 miles to the Paiute ATV Trail. Go right and in 6 more miles you will be at a junction where left is Sunset Peak or right will go to White Pine and Mine Camp Peaks.
Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 600 feet RT
Summit Elevation: 10,222 feet
Kid Difficulty Rating: Easy
Access Rating: Level 3-4

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Mine Camp Peak from the parking spot
Pole on Sunset Peak
Mine Camp Peak access Map Mine Camp Peak Map
Map shows two routes out of Fillmore
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Summit of Mine Camp Peak