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Why would you want to climb Soapstone Mountain? I canít give any good reason why you would want to but let me try. It has a nice forest. There are some views of the western Uintas near the summit. If its bad weather, you are at least getting out. If you are camped in the Soapstone Pass area hunting, you could stroll up. Itís a bonus peak easy to reach after a day in the Uintas?

Soapstone Mountain

Nice gravel roads access Soapstone Pass from both Highways 35 and 150. From the pass, a dirt road travels west getting rougher the further you go. If you are willing to punish your vehicle, you can make it to the end where the road is blocked for habitat reasons (or something like that).
Distance: Under one mile
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,473 feet
Access rating: Level 4, 2 from Soapstone Pass
From roads end, hike SW through the forest until you hit an open area below the summit. There is a road in this open area leading directly to the summit. I presume that this road connects with the road you are parked on further to the west. Walk the road to the summit. The views are from the road, once on the summit youíre in a bunch of trees.
Limited views to the Wasatch Mountains
Near the top with views to the higher Uinta Mountains
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