cedar mountain overlook

Cedar Mountain & Rim Picnic Site

Distance: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 7,665 feet
Access: Good Gravel
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Chasing prominence peaks will take you to new places. One of these is Cedar Mountain, the 93rd most prominent point in Utah. Although Cedar Mountain is a bit out of the way, the unique overlook of the San Rafael Swell makes it worth the trip. The summit area has two overlooks, complete with picnic tables and barbeque pits. The picnic area itself is interesting, scattered between large conglomerate rocks and pine trees. We brought lunch up knowing there was such luxury there. This drive-up summit works well with a visit to Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur quarry, a site just to the north. The quarry is the densest concentration of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found and has a visitors center with covered exhibits of the digs. There are more museums around the world with material from Cleveland-Lloyd than any other dinosaur quarry out there. Near Cedar Mountain is also the Buckskin Gulch Drive through the San Rafael Swell. The quarry, Cedar Mountain and the Buckskin Drive make for a good day trip.
From Price, head south on highway 10. Take highway 155 as it heads to Cleveland. Go south through Cleveland and watch for the signed Cedar Mountain road. From here it's 40 miles or so on a good dirt/gravel road to the top of Cedar Mountain. There are a few signs along the way. There are several other access as well if you wanted to hit the mountain on the way back from somewhere else. The highest point and benchmark is off the side of the road at the communications structures.
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Cedar Mountain Map
One of two picnic areas near the summit of Cedar Mountain
Sign in the picnic area
Kids on top
Stair access to some of the picnic areas
View southwest toward the Wasatch Plateau
Towers on the summit from the picnic area
San Rafael Swell
Summit area
Cedar Mountain summit Cedar Rim overlook Cedar rim bridge Cedar Rim Picnic Area Cedar Mountain Cedar Rim Picnic Area cedar rim Kids on top Wasatch Plateau utah San Rafael sign
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