San Pitch Mountains Views of San Pitch Mountains
Just south of Mt. Nebo and Highway 132 is the San Pitch Mountains. This is the range you stare at on your left off I-15 from Nephi to near Scipio. I have to wonder why they are not geologically considered part of the Wasatch Mountains. A road traverses the top of the range, skirting just below most summits. The highest point is no exception with only a 357 foot climb up from the road. The summit also known as Salt Benchmark is bare so the views are outstanding. A nearby peak to the south is also worth a visit if you are peakbagging.
Just walk up the south ridge, no difficulties.
For “South Salt” peak 7923, park where the road crosses the western ridge of the peak at a dry camping location. Climb up through Aspens and a bit of brush to the bald summit. Views are similar but 200 feet lower.
Distance: Under a mile
Elevation Gain: 357 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,997 and Salt South 9,723 feet
Kid difficulty rating: Easy
Access rating: Level 4

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The quickest way up is Log Hollow Road. Access this route by driving Highway 132 east out of Nephi on I-15. A few miles from Fountain Green there is a small sign to the right for Log Hollow. Turn right and follow this road to the base of the mountains, into the canyon and up to the ridge top. At the ridge, turn right going north. You’ll pass under peak 7923 “South Salt” as you continue a long drive to the base of the highpoint.
I went down this route and found it much better than going up Maple Canyon (I didn’t know about Log Hollow at the time). Maple Canyon is a popular rock climbing area with camping. It’s really scenic but the road access beyond the canyon to the highpoint is really rough on your vehicle.
San Pitch Mountains from Nephi area
Maple Canyon Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop
San Pitch Mountains from Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop
Looking down into Maple Canyon on my way up
southern end of the Wasatch East from Salt BM Snow patch on road
I made it to within half mile of the short hike to the summit when I hit this one snow patch
Looking East
San Pitch Mountains Utah
Looking north to Mt. Nebo, the southern end of the Wasatch
Kids on Salt Benchmark
Kids enjoying the summit
Views of San Pitch Mountains Views of San Pitch Mountains
Looking south at the road. The big snowpatch is where I parked with Peak 9723 in the distance
Peak 9723
highpoint and Mt. Nebo
The highpoint and Mt. Nebo from Peak 9723
Views from Peak 9723
Views from Peak 9723
Looking SE down the I-15 route
Fool Creek Peak
Champlin Peak
Salt Benchmark Map San Pitch Mountains Map
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