Tintic Mountain Utah
From the intersection of highway 6 and 36 west of Eureka, go south on 6 for 6.4 miles. Turn left onto a large unsigned dirt road called Dennis Road on some maps. Go 1.4 miles up (Copperopolis Creek) hitting a Y intersection. Go left. Follow for 2 miles crossing several creeks. At 2 miles is another split, this time go right for 0.6 miles to the old Dennis site. Here is a final split at the base of Tintic Mountain. Those without 4WD could park here and easily walk one of many routes up. To the right looks like a more direct route but the road/ATV trail doesn't go as high as a left turn where you can drive another 0.8 miles reaching 7,480 feet. If one really disliked their vehicle, you might be able to go all the way to the 7,700 foot pass.

Tintic Mountain

Distance: 1+ mile
Elevation Gain: 800 feet
Summit Elevation: 8,218+ feet
Access rating: Level 3, 4 for higher starts
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Tintic Mountain is a prominent peak visible to the west as you drive between Payson and Nephi on I-15. It has a large broad summit ridge so when there is snow on it the peak it really stands out. This is the highest point in the East Tintic Mountains south of Eureka.
Walk up the 4WD road as it becomes more like an ATV trail with each step. The tracks cross over a north shoulder of the peak at 7,700 feet. Now the trail drops just a bit before traversing below the north ridge and climbing a small rise on the east. I left the trail at this point as it only descends from there. Now climbing east or southeast, gain the summit ridge north of the top. The brush here is minimal but a few spots may need to be worked around. If you gain the summit ridge early, there are 2 false summits. Just keep climbing until you are on the highest point. About 3 minutes walk from the highest point is a lesser summit to the east with the "Kimball" benchmark on it. Views are in all directions.
Tintic from the East on Long Ridge
Tintic Mountain map Dennis site Tintic Mountain road Climbing Tintic Mountain Tintic Mountin summit ridge Kids on Tintic Mountain Mt. Nebo Sheeprock Mountains Tintic Mountain north Summit benchmark Mount Buckhorn
Sheep on the road at the Dennis site
Parked at 7,480 feet
From the pass at 7,700 feet looking toward the summit (benchmark summit is on left, false summit in center)
From false summit, I think highest point on right but benchmark on left point
Both decided not to walk making a 70 pound pack today
Looking east to the BM top and Mt. Nebo in distance
Looking northwest to the Sheeprock Mountains
Pano shot for the view north
Mt. Buckhorn from where I parked. A road goes to the left shoulder of this peak making it another easy climb up the left ridgeline
Summit benchmark and debres
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