Frisco Peak Utah Frisco Peak Views
Frisco Peak has over 4,000 feet of prominence, is the highest point in the San Francisco Mountains and can be seen from huge distances. There is a 4WD road to the summit where tons of communication equipment exists and even a hang gliding launching pad.

If you are looking for a hike, many have hiked off trial up from the base. Because of its isolation and location in the heart of the Utah western desert, the views are fantastic.
Distance: Drive-up
Elevation Gain: Drive-Up
Summit Elevation: 9,660 feet
Access Rating: Level 4

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Take Highway 21 west from Milford to an unmarked road to the right before the road starts curving south. Follow this good gravel road as it heads northwest toward the peak. As the road gets closer to the climb up the mountain, the road deteriorates. During the climb, a few spots will get rough but the average high clearance 4WD can make it.
Hang Glider Launch Site
Looking north over Sevier Lake to Sawtooth Mountain and Swasey
Sevier Lake to Sawtooth Mountain Frisco Peak Utah
Hang Glider Launch Site
View South
Frisco Peak Views Frisco Peak Map
Looking Northwest
Frisco Peak Map
Below: Frisco Overview Map
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Frisco Peak Views
Frisco from the SE approach
Frisco Peak Utah
Frisco Peak from the southwest on highway 21