Camping below Tent Mountain
From where I parked I headed to the saddle between North and South Tent Mountains. There is no trail but the route is brush free in most places. The first 200 feet is easy going through meadows and forest but when the 10,600 foot level is reached, the going gets steep. Older kids should be fine but young ones will need a carry. I was mostly following game trails in the forest. Just before the ridge line the brush is a bit thick. Try to scout out the best route before you get in a bad area. Once on the ridge top, it is smooth sailing to the summit on a fun ridge walk. The top has a register and benchmark as well as a place to camp. There are more direct ways to reach the summit but this one had the easiest gradient for me carrying 2 kids.
North Tent Mountain from parking spot
South Tent Mountain from parking spot
There are many ways to reach South Tent Mountain. The best if you have the time is to take Skyline Drive south from Highway 31. Quicker routes would be the Spring City Canyon road east out of downtown Spring City, or east out of Ephraim. Both roads access Skyline Drive. The Ephraim road has been under construction and almost looks ready to pave.
The turn-off of Skyline Drive to access the base of Tent is 3.3 miles south from the intersection with the Spring City road or 3 miles north from the intersection with the Ephraim road. Look for a sign saying “So Tent Mountain”. If your vehicle isn’t high clearance, park here and walk the half mile to the start because the road gets rough.
Camping below Tent Mountain
Hiking between north and south tents
Ridgeline to the summit of South Tent
Inspecting the USGS survey benchmark
South Tent Mountain is the highest point on the Wasatch Plateau, the Sanpete County highpoint and a peak with 3,365 feet of prominence. The area is quite scenic, especially with the long approach route I took along Skyline Drive. Skyline Drive traverses along the entire Wasatch Plateau around 10,000 offering scenic vistas almost the entire time. I had already done several peaks this day to the north but I was determined to drag myself and the kids up this one last mountain before pitching camp. Nearby is also North Tent Mountain, and easy walk from the saddle between the two.
Distance: 1 mile
Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet
Summit Elevation: 11,285 feet
Kid Difficulty Rating: Hard
Access: Rough, but sometimes graded

South Tent Mountain - Hiking, Climbing and Travel

Sanpete County Highpoint

On North Tent looking at South Tent Mountain
Looking northwest from South Tent Mountain to my next peak North Tent Mountain
South Tent Mountain Map

North Tent Mountain

If you still got some energy, follow the ridgeline over to North Tent Mountain. A faint trail exists in places but the going is relatively easy. You won’t see much else over there, just another summit you can add to a list.
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South Tent Mountain North Tent Mountain South Tent Mountain south tent mountain USGS survey benchmark North Tent South Tent Mountain view
North Tent Mountain
south tent mountain
Arriving at the summit
View to the east of South Tent Mountain
Hiking between tent mountains utah hiking
Summit fun
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