Quaking Aspen Grove Historic Marker
I always envisioned hiking up Little Mountain after climbing Lookout Peak, it's bigger brother to the north. In fact, when I printed the map I only covered the route from the north via Affleck Park. Add to that I put the highpoint where the USGS labels Little Mountain when the real highpoint is several knobs to the south. There are 3 summits showing the same height but the south two are clearly higher than the labeled one. Because the summit is much further south, this would have been a really easy hike from Little Mountain Summit (the pass between Emigration Canyon and the Mountain Dell area.
Distance: 1.7 miles
Elevation Gain: 800+ feet
Summit Elevation: 7,032+ feet
Access Rating: Level 1

Little Mountain

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Starting at Little Mountain Summit will save over a mile in distance and 200 feet in elevation gain. Although I haven't done the route, based on the bike and horse tracks, it's a well used trail. Looks like it just follows the ridge from the pass, does a few ups and downs until it climbs to the pass immediately west of the summit. A few feet before the pass, look for a faint trail to the right. This trail is overgrown but the brush here isn't too bad if you loose it. A short 240 foot climb will get you to the top where the views aren't too bad for a 7,000 foot peak. It has a double summit, not sure which is higher but it's easy to walk between the two.

If you decide to go from Affleck Park, the gate may be locked at Highway
65. Park out of the way of the gate or up the road a bit at the Quaking Aspen Grove Historic Marker. Make your way down into the campground, crossing over the creek to the west side, then follow the right fork road going north. Near the end of the road on the left is the trailhead. Maps are on kiosks throughout the campground. The trail climbs in the brush and a few meadows until reaching the pass and trail junction with the Lookout Mountain Trail. Turn south, left following the trail over ups and downs until you reach the pass with the spur trail to the summit. The brush is overgrowing a bit and the mountain bikers must take a beating on this trail.
Drive up Emigration Canyon from Salt Lake City to Little Mountain Summit or take the East Canyon exit off I-80. Follow Highway 65 toward Big Mountain Pass. Signs for Emigration Canyon and Affleck Park are on the road.
Little Mountain Map
Little Mountain from Quaking Aspen Grove Historic Marker
Cliffs above Affleck Park Just above Affleck Park Wasatch rain Snake Trail to Little Mountain summit Big Mountain Pass Lookout Mountain
The Pass
Gobblers Knob, Mt. Raymond Emigration canyon on right
Dale BM/Perkins Peak in center, Emigration canyon on right, Grandeur Peak on left
Looking north to Mt. Aire, Gobblers Knob, Mt. Raymond area
Big Mountain and Big Mountain Pass on Highway 65
Saw this ugly thing, looks like he just ate something
Cliffs above Affleck Park
Just above Affleck Park, a false summit in view
Bad weather to the south
South of the trail split over the first hump, looking at the rest of the route
Lookout Mountain
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Wasatch North