Frances/Thurston ridgeline

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There are 40 peaks with 300+ feet of prominence inside the highway loop of I-15, I-80 and I-84. The names in quotes are not official but given based on something unique for the area. They may even change after visiting the summit and I find something unique or more appropriate. I will also change them based on local names.
This area is popular for hiking in Utah being nearest to Salt Lake City. Most of the peaks above downtown are very popular along with the front range peaks in Davis County. Surprisingly many of these are rarely climbed, probably due to lack of aesthetic value and lower elevations. Click on the summit you want to see a report for.
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Wasatch Mountains North Group Map

The North Group List
Peak Name Elevation Climbed
9,706  8/16/2008
Francis Peak 9,540  8/21/2010
"Francis Ridgeline Peak 9,491  8/16/2008
Grandview Peak  9,410  11/7/2009  
Lewis Peak  9,304  11/21/2009
"Sessions Mountain West 9,260   
Bountiful Peak  9,259  8/30/2007
"Sessions Mountain East"  9,158   
Lookout Peak  8,980  5/19/2010
Swallow Rocks Peak 8,901  11/7/2009  
"Sessions Mountain North"  8,722   
"Bountiful Saddle Peak"  8,650   
"Swallow Rocks North Peak" 8,580  11/7/2009 
Big Mountain  8,472  10/17/2007
"South Lewis Peak"  8,420   
Gold Ridge  8,396  8/10/2010
Dead Ox Benchmark  8,376   
Black Mountain  8,260   
Redrock Peak  8,170  10/2/2010 
The Hogsback  7,947   
Bald Mountain  7,869  6/6/2009
"Mormon Flat East Peak"  7,857   
"Big Mountain Pass South Peak"  7,824  6/4/2008
"Parleys Summit Peak"  7,779   
"Mormon Flat West Peak"  7,607   
Perkins Peak  7,500   
"Mt. Wire True Summit"  7,500 
"Red Butte Canyon Peak"  7,460   
Dale Benchmark  7,376  11/19/2007
"Mormon Flat South Peak"  7,364   
"Wood Hollow Peak"  7,300   
"Tonks Peak"  7,288   
Dude Benchmark  7,212  3/22/2008
Little Mountain  7,032  6/16/2009
"Norwood Canyon Peak"  6,933  
Mahogany Ridge 6,876  
"Tunnel Peak"  6,815  
"Porterville Two Peak"  6,556   
"Hennifer Peak " 6,516   
 "Porterville One Peak" 6,140   
North Core Wasatch Peaks
Great Peaks under the 300 foot prominence
Ensign Peak
Little Black Mountain

The Wasatch Mountains North Group - Most Popular Peaks

Thurston Peak Lookout Peak
Thurston Peak
Lookout Peak
East side of Frances/Thurston ridgeline