Grandview Peak Utah

Grandview Peak and Swallow Rocks Peaks

Distance: 21+ miles RT
Elevation Gain: 4,400ish feet RT
Summit Elevation: 9,410, 8,901 & 8,580
Access rating: Level 1 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
I'd first like to say, don't climb Grandview Peak from this direction. Because I was already looking to climb the two Swallow Rocks Peaks, I thought I may as well grab Grandview as well. This is a long ridge traverse but one I looked forward to hiking...especially in November when other areas were under snow. This turned out to be a 21+ mile round trip event, more than I bargained for. I would recommend Swallow Rocks here but Grandview could be climbed easier from City Creek or the high road out of Bountiful. If considering this traverse, be sure to have a full day, a cooler day (no shade) and no thunderstorms (most is ridgeline). The map below also shows East Session Mountain summit but I just ran out of was so close. Big Mountain is also near the start of the route.
Cross the road and start up the trail gaining elevation quickly. The first half mile is a big gain in elevation. Soon you top out on ridges, working across much easier terrain traversing just below Big Mountain. After the next knob you drop down to a road. I'm checking for more info on it to see if the public has access or if it is reserved for the "East Canyon Resort". As you walk the road, which is also the Great Western Trail, you'll see private property signs for the resort on the north side of the road. Follow the road west until you reach a nice sign with a left trail going toward "Swallow Rocks" or the road right to "Panorama Point". To climb "Swallow Rock North", follow the road right until it hits the south saddle of the peak. It is an easy scramble up from that point. To climb "Swallow Rocks Peak", take the north or east ridge up to the rocks and then up to the highpoint. There is a trail in places. If continuing on to Grandview, the south ridge has a climbers/game trail on the west side of the ridgeline until you meet up with the official trail at a pass (see map for all this!). Working west, soon the trail splits (no sign), left to the Lookout Mountain area and right to Sessions Mountains. A big 400' decent and then a 500' ascent is required before you are able to cut left on a faint trail down to the north ridge of Grandview Peak. Climbing the north ridge, you will have a trail at times but expect a bit of easy brush. The summit is truly grand, Grandview has over 1,900 feet of prominence which puts it into the top 100 Utah Prominent Peaks. A mailbox register is just below the summit. If you can arrange it, continuing the traverse northwest on the Great Western Trail climbing the two peaks of the Sessions Mountains would make a fabulous trip.
From I-80 in Parleys Canyon, take the East Canyon Exit 134 (Highway 65) north 8 miles to Big Mountain Pass. Park in the large dirt lot at this historic pass.
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Wasatch North Group
Big Mountain Wasatch Range
Wasatch Moutains Utah Swallow Rocks above Great Western Trail
"Swallow Rocks Peak"
Grandview in route
Swalllow Rocks Northern Peak Trailsign
Trail sign with "Swallow Rocks North" in far distance
"Swallow Rocks North"
An idea of the distance covered and this is from just below Big Mountain, 2 miles into the hike already.
Grandview Peak
"Swallow Rocks Peak"
"Swallow Rocks North"
I started at 6 a.m. (in November) so this was one of the first shots from just past Big Mountain
Oquirrh Mountains
Sunrise and Grandview Mountain
Sunrise on Grandview far away. What was I thinking...I had to be back home by 3:30!
Dead Ox and Lewis Peak Utah Grandview Peak Grandview Peak north ridge Grandview Peak Map Swallow Rocks Map View north from Grandview Peak
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map below
Continues from map above
Navy: is the Great Western Trail Black: is the 4WD road that came from somewhere
Yellow: is off trail although minor trails existed in all these places
Grandview Peak benchmark Salt Lake Valley from Grandview Peak
Salt Lake Valley from the summit of Grandview Peak
The last scramble up Grandview Peak north ridge route
Panoramic of the view to the north of Grandview Peak
From "Swallow Rocks Peak" with Dead Ox and Lewis in the distance
Grandview Peak