Lewis Peak from Park City

Lewis Peak

Distance: 7-10 miles ow
Elevation Gain: 3,500ish feet
Summit Elevation: 9,304 feet
Access rating: Level 1
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This is one of the more illusive peaks to summit in Utah yet it always seems to be visible in the distance. Because it is surrounded on all sides by private lands, access is extremely difficult. With it's location close to Park City and all the communication towers on top, you would think this is an easy one. Many determined peakbaggers from around the west have found their way up this 2000+ prominence peak, some with disparaging stories to tell. The local sheriff has been called on climbers before. Surprisingly I had actual permission to do this one so it wasn't a stealth mission for me. But, in order to preserve access for those peakbaggers who are coming from long distances, I won't be giving out landowner info over the internet for this peak.
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Hiking up Lewis Peak Hiking up Lewis Peak Lewis Peak Summit View Lewis Peak Summit View Lewis Peak Utah Summit View Lewis Peak Utah Summit View Lewis Peak Utah climbing Lewis Peak Utah Lewis Peak from the west
Lewis Peak from Quarry Mountain in Park City
Lewis Peak from Big Mountain near Big Mountain Pass
Getting near the summit
Walking the road up to the summit
Looking south from the summit
Looking west from the summit
Looking north (benchmark & register is at these most northern towers)
Looking northwest to Echo Reservoir
A ridge leading to the summit
Consider biking whichever route you take
Lewis Peak Utah Map
Blue shows roads with yellow showing shortcuts