Naomi Peak from Mount Logan

Naomi Peak, Mount Magog, Mount Gog, Bullen Hole Peak

Distance: 3.3 miles to Naomi, 10 miles RT for the loop
Elevation Gain: 1,950 feet for Naomi, 3,800 for the loop
Summit Elevation: Naomi 9,979, Gog 9,714, Magog 9,750
Access rating: Level 1 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
Naomi Peak is the most popular northern most peak in Utah...if that statistic means anything to anyone. Naomi is the highest point in the Bear River Mountains, the 34th most prominent peak in the state and the highest point in Cache County. If that still doesn't interest you, maybe the gorgeous scenery will. Although I did this trip in the fall, it was obvious the June/July summer flowers would be impressive. An early spring skiing trip would also work well here given the terrain and access. Most will come here to only climb Naomi but I suggest a loop here for peakbaggers. This loop has to be one of Utah's finest loop peakbagging trips. I did the 4 peaks in under 5 hours at a good pace. No registers found but I did place one on Mount Gog. Bullen Hole Peak is an unofficial name for peak 9,828.
Follow signs out of the north end of the parking lot for Naomi Peak. A nice trail works up through meadows and cliff faces for 3.3 miles to the summit. Just as you hit the summit ridge, you'll notice the trail go left, right and straight. Left is Naomi Peak in 5 minutes walk, straight goes down towards Cherry Peak and right is the ridgeline over toward Bullen Hole Peak. After tagging Naomi, continue on the trail to the right as it traverses just below a knob. Get on the ridge and follow it north until you hit a steep cliffy area. Drop down on the right looking for one of several class 2/3 gullies. This could also be avoided by dropping off the ridge much earlier and traversing below. Once past this, the going is easy back on the ridge up to the summit of Bullen Hole. No cairn or anything up there. From Bullen Hole, drop east down an easy ridge to the saddle. Take note of a nice trail crossing the saddle, you'll be taking it after climbing Mount Gog. Surprisingly, Mount Gog has a bit of a climbers trail all the way up it's west ridgeline. The ridgeline is easy to follow considering it's rocky-ness and the summit looks well visited. Returning back to the trail at the saddle, I followed it south nearly to the beginning of the climb back up to the Naomi-Magog Gap. It just disappeared in a meadow. A bit beyond (marked on the map with an X) is a huge sinkhole with a large 20 foot thick ice patch inside (in late September!). Since these mountains are limestone the area does have caves and sinkholes around. I was well behind schedule so I pressed on without exploring the site more. The Naomi-Magog Gap is the only access through the impressive cliffs. The terrain naturally funnels you up into the gap and game trails exist near the end. Once back on the ridge I could hear the clamor of all the tourists hiking the Naomi trail nearby. For Magog, continue east traversing around point 9,514. Once past, you see the scramble route up Mount Magog (take note of the access gully). Gain the ridge, traverse under a few rock pinnacles, up the access gully and wow, what a summit! Pick almost any route down, you're bound to cross the Naomi trail.
In downtown Logan Utah, head east on US 89 for 21 miles through Logan Canyon until you see a sign for Tony Grove. Follow this nice paved road to the large parking lot at Tony Grove Lake. There is now a $5 charge to park here. Scenic Canyons Recreational Services, Inc has a concessionaire permit with the USFS . I guess they keep an eye on the place and clean the bathrooms...look for the guy in a golf cart. If you don't, they will leave an envelope on you windshield reminding you to pay up.
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I forgot my camera on this trip but someday I'll get the pictures out of my cell phone. As soon as I buy whatever I need to download them, I'll have those pics up. These 4 pictures were taken by Steve Cannon, a group of hikers I met on the trail up Naomi (thanks guys, wish I had time to hang out). One stipulation was I had to take a photo with Mike Harris, an infamous hiker of northern Utah.
Photo with the imfamous Mike Harris
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