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Great Salt Lake Group

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This group of peaks is what remained after the other groupings in the area but highlights include the Lakeside Mountains, Grassy Mountains and Antelope Island. The southern boundary is I-80, eastern boundary is I-15, western is Hill AFB and the north is the Salt Lake Causeway. There are 38 peaks in this group although 10 are on Hill AFB including Sally Mountain with 1,171 feet of prominence. Stansbury Island peaks are with the Stansbury Mountains Group.

Great Salt Lake Group peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

Utah Climbing

Great Salt Lake Group Peaks

Great Salt Lake Group Map
Sally Mountain
Frary Peak
Grassy Mountains HP
Craner Peak
Lakeside Mountains from the Grassy Mountains
Great Salt Lake Group Elevation Climbed  
Craner Peak  6,625  10/31/2009 
"Black Craner" 6,607  2/20/2010 
Grassy Mountains HP  6,596  11/19/2008 
Frary Peak  6,596  10/20/2007 
Black Mountain  6,574  2/20/2010 
Black Mountain  6,551   
"West Grassy"  6420  11/19/2008 
Red Rocks  6,198   
"East Delle"  6,044  2/20/2010 
"Peach Cobbler"  5,948  2/5/2011 
"North Craner Peak" 
"West Delle"  5,924  4/14/2010
"Jedediah Mountain HP"  5,849   
"Banana Cobbler"  5,837  2/5/2011 
"Apple Cobbler"  5,777  2/5/2011 
"Monarch"  5,590   
"South Antalope"  5,589   
Cobble Hill  5,740  2/5/2011 
"Delle Peak"  5,430  2/20/2010 
"Carter Peak"  5,347  4/14/2010
Elephant Head  5,126   
Castle Rock   4,995   
Skunk Ridge  4,970  5/04/2009 
"Puddle Valley Peak"  4,895  11/6/2010
Grayback Hills HP  4,788   
Buffalo Point  4,785 2/21/2009 
Lambournes Rock  4,727   
Thumb Ridge  4,654   
****Below are Inside Hill AFB****  
Sally Mountain  5,861  
Death Ridge  5,529  
Round Mountain  5,462   
"Death Ridge North"  5,418   
Skad Ridge  5,369   
Homestead Knoll  5,310   
"Wrathall Peak"  5,212   
"Training Range Peak"  5,130   
Deardens Knoll  4,869   
"Mud View Peak"  4,718   

South Lakeside Mountains Six

Craner Peak

Frary Peak

Grass Mountains HP & "West Grassy"

Buffalo Point

Skunk Ridge

Peak 4895 "Puddle Valley Peak"

The Four Cobblers

Frary Peak Buffalo Point Gassy Mountains Craner Peak Grassy Mountains Highpoint Black Mountain Puddle Valley Utah Skunk Ridge