Lakeside Mountains Utah
These are 6 easy peaks to hike up in the winter or early spring/late fall. These pictures were taken in mid-February during a low snow year with all the snow gone on the south slopes.
Utah Climbing
Take I-80 west of Tooele to the Delle exit. Turn right then a quick left (west) on Frontage Road. The better quality road is to follow Frontage road to where it finally turns north into the Lakeside Mountains going to the 4-way shown on the map. A quicker option: after about 0.4 miles along Frontage Road, turn right and follow a dirt road to the 4-way shown on the map.

South Lakeside Mountains Six

Black Mountain: Drive Up Peak
Peak 6607 "Black Craner": 1.5 miles ow with a 1,100 foot rt gain
Peak 5347 "Carter": 1.7 miles with 800 rt foot gain (2WD route)
Peak 6044 "East Delle": 0.7 miles with a 600 foot gain
Peak 5924 "West Delle": 1 mile with a 1,100 foot gain
Peak 5430 "Delle Hill": 0.6 miles with a 450 foot gain Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel
Black Mountain with all it's communication towers on the summit is the most obvious summit in the area. There is a decent road to the summit. Near the end I would recommend only high clearance but I have seen passenger vehicles fight their way up similar roads. There is good parking just below the summit. To access Peak 6607 "Black Craner" (the peak between Black and Craner), traverse around the north side of Black Mountain just below the first towers. Follow the ridge down to a saddle than traverse north just below or on the ridgeline. The west side of this peak is a big vertical cliff. With one other drop to a saddle, a final easy hike up to the top will put you on "Black Craner".
Black Mountain & Peak 6607 "Black Craner"
Peak 6044 "East Delle"
Peak 5924 "West Delle"
The 4WD road from the Black Mountain road is rough but you can make it to the flat area just below the SW ridge (shown on map). If you walk the road, you will drop about 300 feet from the Black Mountain road that must be regained.
There are simple routes up any of the east ridges or the south ridge.
Parked where shown on the map. A 4WD road (shown on map) left from there to a higher saddle but was snow covered at the beginning. Straight forward route up the north ridge to the summit.
Peak 5430 "Delle Hill"
Not the most exciting peak, might meet some cows on the summit or even some ATVers. A rough 4WD road climbs to the summit from the north. There is also a nice road just below the summit on the south side but I didn't see where it came from. I parked on the east where shown on the map, going up the route shown. Views were nice.
Lakeside Mountains Map
"West Delle"
"East Delle"
"Delle Hill"
"Carter Peak"
"Black Craner"
"East Delle"
"West Delle"
Black Mountain
From "Delle Hill"
Black Mountain Utah view
"Black Craner" about halfway along the route from Black Mountain
Marblehead Plant Utah Craner Peak from
Craner Peak from "Black Craner"
Looking west with the Grass Mountains and Marblehead Plant
Black Mountain ridge
Looking back from "Black Craner". Black Mountain on the left with non-prominent peak on the ridge between. Stansburry Mountians in the distance.
Stansburry Island in distance Black Mountain Summit
From the parking just below Black Mountain Summit
Looking down from Black Mountain summit with Stansburry Island in distance
Black Mountain from Cedar Mountains Utah Oquirrhs and Stansburry Range Lakeside Mountains View Lakeside Mountains Utah Lakeside Mountains peak
"West Delle" from the parking spot on north side
West summit of "Black Craner" is 2 feet lower
Black Mountain from "West Delle"
Distant Oquirrhs and Stansburry Range from "Delle Hill"
Northern Cedar Mountains from "Delle Hill"
"West Delle" from "Delle Hill"
Salt Lake Group
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