Grassy Mountains Utah

Grassy Mountains Highpoint

Distance: 1 mile
Elevation Gain: 650 feet RT
Summit Elevation: 6,596 feet
Access: Dirt and gravel
Utah Climbing
The Grassy Mountains are the last range of mountains on I-80 (north side) before you hit the Salt Flats of Western Utah. They are dry and remote but because you are near I-80 and several outposts of Hill Air Force Range, it has good cell reception! Most of the mountains in the range have easy access from dirt roads. Grassy makes it onto the 100 most prominent peaks in Utah list at #88.
From the car, drop down 150 vertical feet to a saddle. Climb up the other side in a northeast direction staying on the broad ridgeline. You don't need to go to point 6,582, at some point, begin a traverse below this satellite peak and work up to the base of the highpoint. Work up the north ridge on steeper but easy terrain to the summit and register.
Exit I-80 at exit 62 (Lakeside Military Area), follow the road as it goes west a short distance, then it goes north towards the Military Area. In 3 or 4 miles, a major dirt road turns left toward the Grassy Mountains. Follow this road west past Government Well, all the way into the mountains canyons and up to a ridgeline where you can look down on both sides. Unfortunately I do not have mileages. The mountain will come into view as you drive up to the highest ridge. Just before the ridge road curves west and drops down a steep hill, there is a road branching to the right. Follow this a short distance to the end.
Puddle Valley and the Lakeside Mountains in distance
Dozer finding some shade
Kids on the summit
Dozer on Peak 6,420 "West Grassy", Salt Flats and Silver Island Mountains in distance
Kids on Peak 6,420 "West Grassy" Pilot Peak in distance
"West" Grassy Mountain from a distance on the road approaching the peak
Route shown up Grassy Mountains Highpoint, parking spot is near the dot, route drops down out of view.
Looking south over the Grassy Mountains, out to the Cedar Range and the Stansbury Range
The NW Grassy Mountains
The route up the ridge
Showing the ridge traverse and summit (from well below)
Grassy Mountains Highpoint from Puddle Valley
Salt Lake Group
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