Grassy Mountains of Utah
These four peaks are at the southern terminus of the Grassy Mountains. This small range of peaks are the last real uplift before reaching the Newfoundland Basin and Bonneville Salt Flats. Access in winter should be good after a good dry spell. Only one is officially named, Cobble Hill. Surprisingly, there are large cairns throughout the ridges, not just the summits.

The Cobblers

Utah Climbing
Salt Lake Group
Take I-80 west of Salt Lake City to the Lakeside Mountains. At Exit 62 (Air Force Base Exit), get off, turn right, than left. This nice paved road wraps around a small knoll before making a straight line for the Hill Air Force Base. Before you get around the first knoll, a road cuts off to the left next to the highway. It's easy to miss. This is a nice dirt road that parallels the highway for a short bit before going NW across Puddle Valley. Stay straight at all intersections. Cross over a small pass and drop into Ripple Valley. As you drop down keep an eye for a right turn (abt. 7.3 miles from the pavement). It's also easy to miss. A major intersection is reached if you go 0.3 miles too far. Go north on this final side road 1 mile until you can see the saddle between the two south peaks. For the next two peaks, the road gets rougher and high clearance is probably needed. At 3 and 3.5 miles is a good start point for the 2 northern peaks.
Combining the two south peaks is easy, follow whichever route looks best. The northern two has a big drop between the two. Their is a high ridge connecting them but it wraps around the western side of Cobble Hill like a big C shape until it reaches it's north ridge. The route shown on the map cuts up at the lowest pass and wraps around to the summit with no elevation loss. The summit rocks near the top look like an issue but are easy to scramble on or around.
Banana Cobbler Grassy Mountains Utah Summit Cairn North ridge of Cobble Hill
Summit cairn on Apple Cobbler
North ridge of Cobble Hill
Apple Cobbler
Banana Cobbler
Peach Cobbler
From Cobble Hill looking south to the Cobblers
Hiking in Grassy Mountains Utah desert climbing
Peach Cobbler from the north
Banana Cobbler from the north
Cobble Hill Lake Bonneville Grassy Mountains Map Grassy Mountains Access Map - Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Apple Cobbler from the north
Cobble Hill from the road on the west side
Apple, Banana and Peach Cobbler
Grassy Mountains Highpoint
Grassy Mountains Highpoint from Cobble Hill
Old beach from Lake Bonneville with Salt Flats and Pilot Peak Nevada in the distance
Grassy Mountains Utah
Pano from Cobble Hill again looking south to the southern 3 peaks in the Grassy Mountains
Hill Air Force Range
Puddle Valley and Hill Air Force Range
Below: hundreds of sheep
Distance: 1 mile or less for each
Elevation Gain: 300 to 1,000 feet
Summit Elevations: 5,740, 5,777, 5,837, 5,948 feet
Access Rating: Level 2-3