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Stansbury Mountains with 1,000+ Prominence shown on the map.

Stansbury Mountains

The Stansbury Mountains are bound by I-80 to the north, Tooele Valley to the east, highway 199 to the south and highway 196 along the west. Also included is Stansbury Island. The Stansbury Mountains are out of sight out of mind to much of Utah. But, they are one of the few ranges in the Great Basin Area with a good system of hiking trails. The mountains rise to elevation of over 11,000 feet. They are very prominent due to their location above the valley near the cities of Tooele and Grantsville.

List of all peaks with 300+ feet of prominence in the Stansbury Mountains group

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Stansbury Mountains Map
Stansbury Range from Stansbury Island Highpoint

Stansbury Mountains Trip Reports

South Mountain West

Stansbury Island Highpoint

Vickory Mountain

Stansbury Mountains Davenport Canyons
"Davenport Peaks" in the north Stansbury Mountains
South Mountain West near Tooele Utah Vickory Mountain South Stansbury Mountains Stansbury Island Highpoint
Peak Name Elevation    Climbed
11,031  7/3/2010 
"South Willow Peak"  10,685  7/3/2010 
"North Willow Peak"  10,521  7/3/2010 
Vickory Mountain  10,330  11/24/99 
Bald Mountain 9,203  6/26/2010
Onaqui Benchmark  9,143   
"Davenport South"  8,900C   
"North Slate Rock Peak"      8,855   
"Davenport North"  8,564   
Slate Rock Peak  8,347   
"Flux Peak"  8,003  1/29/2011
"Abbots"  7,701  6/26/2010 
Little Bald Mountain  7,681  6/26/2010
"Davenport East"  7,005   
Stansbury Island  6,649  10/08/08 
South Mountain West  6,597  1/24/09
Stansbury Benchmark  6,553  10/08/08 
South Mountain East  6,541   
"South Mountain North"  6,493   
"Stansbury Island South"  6,070 1/15/2011 
Salt Mountain  6,048  
South Mountain West
Deseret Peak
"South Willow Peak"
Onaqui Benchmark

Bald, Little Bald and "Abbots" Loop Hike

Bald Moutnain ridge Deseret Peak from north

Deseret Peak Loop

Stansbury Island Peak

Stansbury Island South Peak

flux peak

Flux Peak

Oquirrh Mountains view
Standing at the north end of the range looking east to the Oquirrh Mountains and distant Wasatch Range
View of Stansbury Mountains
Stansbury Range from north of Onaqui Benchmark