Fall Colors near Heber Mountain

Heber City Group

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These peaks are immediately south of the western Uinta Mountains. This group of peaks is bound by I-40, Highway 208, Highway 35 and a short stretch of Highway 32.

Peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

Heber City Group Map
Tabby Mountain
Red Creek Mountain
Currant Creek Peak
Racetrack Benchmark
Highway 208
Highway 35

List of all peaks with 300+ feet of prominence in the Heber Group

Peak Name Elevation Climbed
Red Creek Mountain  10,595  9/29/2008 
Currant Creek Mountain  10,554  9/29/2008 
Racetrack Benchmark  10,391  8/25/2010 
Heber Mountain  10,207  9/24/2008 
"East Racetrack"  10,201   
Duchesne Ridge  10,140  9/24/2008 
Bald Knoll  10,091  9/29/2008  
Tabby Mountain  10,017  9/29/2008 
Raspberry Knoll  9,983   
Wolf Creek Peak  9,949  9/24/2008 
"Center Canyon Peak" 
"Willow East"  9,563   
"Willow North" 9,447   
Buckhorn Knoll  9,241   
Red Ledge  9,193   
Square Top Mountain 9,180   
"Square Top North"  9,180B   
Buck Knoll A  9,101   
"Willow West"  8,978   
"East Sand Peak"  8,860B   
"West Sand Peak"  8,777A   
Bobby Duke Ridge  8,762   
"Mill Hollow Turnoff Peak"  8,752   
"Willow South"  8,710   
"Currant Creek Workcenter Peak"  8,681   
Girls Camp Peak  8,569B   
"North Sand Peak"  8,500A   
"Hanna West Peak"  8,460C   
"Little Tabby"  8,445B   
Potters Knoll  8,272   
"Goose Bay Peak"  8,258B   
Water Benchmark   7,994   
"Baby Tabby"  7,965   
Blacktail Mountain  7,715   
"Lady Peak"  7,623A   
"Coyote Hill"  7,620C   
Graywolf Mountain  7,471   
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Heber Group Trip Reports

Bald Knoll

Currant Creek Peak & Red Creek Mountain

Heber Mountain, Duchesne Ridge & Wolf Creek Peak

Tabby Mountain

Currant Creek Peak from Heber Mountain Tabby Mountain from Wolf Creek Mountain Bald Knoll from Current Creek Peak Heber Mountain Utah

Racetrack Benchmark

Racetrack Benchmark