Oquirrh Mountains from Silveropolis Peak

Oquirrh Group

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This group of peaks encompasses the Oquirrh Mountains. The grouping is bound by I-15, I-80, Highway 36 and Highway 73. Many of these peaks are located on private lands or the Fort Williams Military Base.

Oquirrh Peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map, with full list below.

Oquirrh Mountains Climbing Map
Peak Name Elevation Climbed
Flat Top Mountain 10,620  4/26/2008 
Lowe Peak  10,589  5/8/2010
Kelsey Peak  10,373  7/10/2010 
10340 "Flat Top Mountain East Peak"  10,340  4/26/2008  
White Pine Peak 10,321  7/10/2010 
Rocky Peak   10,278  5/8/2010 
Bald Mountain East  10,006  5/8/2010 
9925 "Flat Top Ridge"  9,925  4/26/2008  
Bald Mountain West  9,626  5/8/2010 
9530 "Balboa Peak"  9,530  5/8/2010 
Butterfield Peaks  9,370  7/10/2010 
Nelson Peak  9,359  3/6/2010 
Clipper Peak  9,207   
9183 "Edwards Peak"  9,183   
West Mountain  9,070  Yes 
Farnsworth Peak  9,060  4/8/2010
Kessler Peak   8,820  4/8/2010 
8790 "Silveropolis Peak" 8,790  4/26/2008  
Clipper Ridge  8,745   
8716 "Porphyry Hill"  8,716  4/26/2008  
Markham Peak  8,702   
Freeman Peak  8,627   
8546 "Markham South"  8,546   
Barneys Peak  8,242   
8100 "Nelson Ridge"  8,100  3/6/2010
Eagle Hill  7,918  1/22/2011
7884 "East Kessler" 7,884  4/8/2010
7712 "Mercer Tailings"  7,712   
Bald Knoll   5,706   
7500 "Visitor Center Peak" 7,500   
7500 "West Canyon Peak"  7,500   
Curry Peak  7,466   
Sheps Ridge  7,255  Restricted 
6996 "Bacchus"  6,996  4/8/2010
South Mountain 6,824  12/23/2008
Latimer Point  6,780  Restricted 
Black Ridge   6,738  6/5/2008
5658 "Smokestacks"  5,658  4/8/2010
5561 "Flagpole"  5,561  4/8/2010
Utah Climbing

Flat Top Mountain Loop

South Mountain

Trip Reports
Full List of Peaks
South Mountain near Herriman Utah
Rocky Peak and Lowe Peak
Flat Top Mountain

Nelson Peak & Ridge

Nelson Peak

Farnsworth and Kessler Peaks

Farnsworth Peak Bingham Canyon Mine Kennecott Mine
Bingham Canyon Mine from the Visitors Center
Bingham Canyon Mine from the West Mountain public road viewpoint
Peak 7500 "Visitors Center Peak"
Visitors Center

Visit the Rio Tinto Kennecott Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

Other Oquirrh Mountains Pictures

Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine has produced more copper than any mine in history. The mine is 2.75 miles across at the top and 3/4 mile deep. The mine can be seen by the space shuttle astronauts. By 2015, it will be more than 500 feet deeper. The typical new home contains about 500 pounds of copper. On average, each person in the U.S. uses about 30 pounds of copper every year. Copper is used in everything from cars and computers to cell phones. So unless you live in a grass house, have no phone and walk everywhere, shut up with the wining about the mine hypocrites.
The Visitors Center is open April through October, weather permitting from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. - seven days a week. Cars will not be admitted later than 7:15 p.m. No reservations are necessary. A $5 per car admission fee for local charities is charged.
Maybe Peak 7500 has been shaved off enough that it no longer has it's 300 foot prominence?
Oquirrhs Oquirrh Mountains
This might be a picture from the summit of "Smokestack"
Point 5886 No Prom
From I-80, the NE end of the Oquirrhs
"Smokestack" from I-80
"Markham South"
How can an obsessed peakbagger not want to climb all the Oquirrh Mountains when this is what I see everyday?

Lowe Peak traverse to Bald Mountain

Lowe Peak Utah Kelsey Peak, Oquirrh Range

Kelsey Peak, White Pine Peak & Butterfield Peaks

Eagle Hill

Eagle Hill