Butterfield Peaks
Forget everything you know about the Oquirrh Mountains. Kelsey, White Pine and Butterfield Peaks break all the rules. There is a nice trail which takes you up to the summits. Second, they are accessed from the Salt Lake County side of the Oquirrhs. The scenery is spectacular and unlike other Oquirrh peaks, you don't have to work very hard to reach it.
This trail should be in every Salt Lake hiking book but since it isn't, I was able to hike this area on a Saturday in July without seeing another person. It looks like the area is Kennecott Copper land but trail hiking almost seems encouraged, no signs and a nice parking area.
Utah Climbing
From Bangerter Highway, take 12600 (Harriman Parkway) east. After a few lights, turn left on Main Street. Follow Main Street that eventually becomes the Harriman Highway. Eventually the road starts to turn north becoming U-111. At that point, Butterfield Canyon Road cuts off left. Follow it for 7 paved but narrow miles to Butterfield Pass. Lots of parking on the south side of the pass.

Kelsey Peak, White Pine Peak & Butterfield Peaks

Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain: 3800+ feet
Summit Elevation: 10,373, 10,321 & 9,370 feet
Access rating: Level 1
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Oquirrh Mountains
On the south side of the pass are 3 "trails". Find the most western one. Just behind the jersey barrier, a narrow hiking trail will shoot uphill from the old blocked roadway. Follow this trail as it climbs up through conifer forests. The trail may be brushy in places but the trail tread is in excellent shape. As you climb the ridge, soon the summit of Butterfield Peaks will come into view with it's antennas poking above the forest. The trail will traverse a few hundred feet below the summit. On the western ridge area, the trail will split. Left will take you up to the summit, right will take you to the saddle area west of the summit. Although there is a private road from the east up Butterfield Peaks, the views there are outstanding and worth a sunrise visit! It's a easy summit! Continuing on the trail west toward the Kelsey Peak, keep an eye out for an 8 foot cairn above the trail on the ridge. This cairn is one of the best constructed cairns I've ever seen. Very sturdy, includes a seat on the west side! From the cairn, the trail is going to drop 300 feet so many might stop there with the spectacular view of Lowe Peaks north face. For those wanting Kelsey and White Pine, the trail works up the east ridge of White Pine Peak. Although it's easy to loose in a few places, it is there if you keep looking. After White Pine Peak, just drop to Piney Pass and scramble up a climbers/game trail to the top of Kelsey. Kelsey is only 50 feet higher than White Pine Peak, views are about the same. There is also an old trail from Piney Pass back down to around 9,400 feet on the ridge you came up.
Electrical outlet if you need to charge anything!
White Pine Peak
Flat Top Mountain
From Butterfield Peaks
Salt Lake Valley Sunrise from the trail Kelsey Peak Butterfield Peaks trail Mount Timpanogos Butterfield Peaks Kelsey Peak Oquirrh Mountains Tooele Utah Lake Lowe Peak and Oquirrh Range Butterfield Canyon hiking map Big Cairn Kelsey Peak from Piney Pass White Pine Flat North Kelsey summit
Salt Lake Valley from Butterfield Pass
Sunrise from the trail
Looking down the trail up Butterfield Peaks
Kelsey Peak on left, White Pine Peak on right
Storm clouds over Butterfield Peaks
Looking southeast to Mount Timpanogos and Utah Lake
Kelsey Peak and Piney Pass
Looking at the northern Oquirrh Mountains from White Pine Peak
Utah Lake from White Pine Peak
Looking south from Kelsey Peak to Lowe Peak, Flat Top Mountain, Rocky Peak and Bald Mountain
Maybe this cairn was 10 feet tall
Kelsey Peak from Piney Pass
Ridgeline to White Pine Peak
Looking down into White Pine Flat