State Highpoints

State Highpoints
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State highpointing is climbing to the highest point in all 50 states. A lot of people get the desire to do this, mostly non-climbers. The majority of state highpointers I've met are from the Eastern U.S. They work their way out west, typically hiring a guide to get them up the more difficult ones. Denali in Alaska is a real stopper for many who then settle on 49. As a climber I've always found the highest mountain in every state to be an attractive goal. Since many states don't have mountains the highpointers goal became the highest point in every state not the highest mountain. One state even has its highpoint on the side of a mountain with the summit in a neighboring state. I'm taking my time to finish this list, especially now that I've done all the hard ones. I figure I got my lifetime to finish this list although sooner would be more satisfying. I'll slowly get them when I'm in the area doing other tourist things. Below are the trip report links. At the bottom is a map showing all the states I've completed so far with the year climbed.
Alaska - Denali
Texas - Guadalupe Peak
Idaho - Borah Peak
South Dakota - Mt. Harney
California - Mt. Whitney
Delaware - Elbright Azimuth
New York - Mt. Marcy
Oregon - Mt. Hood
Nebraska - Panorama Point
Colorado - Mt. Elbert
Hawaii - Mauna Kea
Vermont - Mt. Mansfield
New Mexico - Wheeler Peak
New Jersey - High Point
Arizona - Mt. Humphreys
New Hampshire - Mt. Washington
Washington - Mt. Rainier
Utah - Kings Peak
Gannett Peak - Wyoming
Taum Sauk Mountain - Missouri
Mount Magazine - Arkansas
denali Guadalupe Peak, Texas Mount Harney, South Dakota Borah Peak Idaho Mount Humphreys, Arizona Kings Peak, Utah Gannett Peak Mount Elbert, Colorado Mount Washington Mount Rainier, Washington Taum Sauk Mountain Mount Magazine Elbright Azimuth, Delaware Mount Whitney, California Mount Marcy, New York Mount Mansfield, Vermont Mauna Kea, Hawaii Nebraska, Panorama Point Mount Hood, Oregon High Point, New Jersey Wheeler Peak, New Mexico
Mount Sunflower - Kansas
mount sunflower kansas boundary peak
Boundary Peak - Nevada
Charles Mound - Illinois
Timms Hill - Wisconsin
Eagle Mountain - Minnesota
Mount Arvon- Michigan
Charles Mound Eagle Mountain Mount Arvon Timms Hill
Granite Peak - Montana
granite peak black mesa
Black Mesa - Oklahoma