Panorama Point - Nebraska Highpoint

Distance: Drive Up
Summit Elevation: 5,424 feet
Access rating: Level 2
Check out that view
Signing the register
The register box and monument
Sign, pay station and gate
The highpoint monument
The only thing to climb on for miles
State Highpoints
West Nebraska
Did this easy highpoint while seeing some sights on the Oregon Trail in Nebraska. The highpoint is as easy as they come since you can park your car on the top, you don't even need to get out. You will have to get out one mile before to open a gate and pay $3. Access is over private land but a box at the gate asks for a $3 buck donation. The final mile is on a buffalo ranch so you are asked not to hike, driving only. Good gravel and dirt roads allow any type of vehicle to get there. On top is a stone monument placed by the local chamber of commerce. The views are of flat fields as far as you can see. I've read on a clear day you can see the Rocky Mountains. This is a nice side trip off I-80 if you are on a long drive across the country.

There are 2 ways off I-80. The one with the most pavement is from Pine Bluffs Wyoming Exit 401. Just north of the interchange is 8th street. Follow it 0.6 miles to Beach Street. Turn right an follow south for 9.2 miles taking a left at a gravel road (county Road 203). Follow for 0.9 miles, then south on county road 1 for 0.6 miles, then east again for 2 miles on county road 6. A final right on county road 5 going south for 2 miles will bring you to a sign saying "Panorama Point, Highest Point in Nebraska". This is the gate and pay station.

The second route is all gravel road from the Bushnell Nebraska exit. Go south on Road 17 for 12.6 miles. Turn right on Road 8, follow for 4.2 miles. Turn left on road 9, follow for 1 mile. Turn right on road 6, follow for 2 miles. Turn left on road 5, follow for 2 miles to sign for highpoint and gate. We came in the other way and left this route. Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Panorama Point entrance The highpoint monument Panorama Point register Nebraska Highpoint Panorama Point view Panorama Point monument