Western Nebraska Sights

Nebraska Sights & Attractions
Not exactly the destination place for traveling but many find themselves traveling across Nebraska while crossing the United States. Here are a few sights to consider visiting while passing through.

Chimney Rock National Historic Sight

You're not the first to make the trek across Nebraska, since the days of the Oregon Trail, California Trail, Mormon Pioneer Trail and the Pony Express....they all passed by Chimney Rock. The rock spire could be seen well out into the plains and was the first sign of the upcoming mountain terrain. Chimney Rock has been referenced in hundreds of early travelers journals.

Scotts Bluff National Monument

Not far west of Chimney Rock was the next landmark travelers passed, Scotts Bluff. These 500 foot rock towers must have been quite a sight for the early pioneers. Today a great road travels to the top of the bluff on a road carved into the mountain (through several tunnels). The summit has a great view, the north overlook has the highest point and benchmark (a 3 minute walk from the car). There is a visitors center with several hiking trails, one which goes up to the summit if you would rather walk up.


This is a free sight put up by the city of Alliance Chamber of Commerce to attract visitors. Imagine Stonehenge but with cars and you've got Carhenge. It makes for some interesting pictures.

Nebraska State Highpoint

Only a short detour off I-80, you can visit the highest point in Nebraska.
On the trail to Scotts Bluff....now paved
Trails near the visitors center
Trails on top of Scotts Bluff
Chimney Rock from the Visitors Center
One of several tunnels going up Scotts Bluff
View from Scotts Bluff
Panorama Point -Nebraska Highpoint
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western nebraska map
Chimney Rock Chimney Rock Chimney Rock scotts bluff View from Scotts Bluff Scotts Bluff road Arriving at Scotts Bluff Scotts Bluff scotts bluff scotts bluff
Wagon near the visitors center
scotts bluff Scotts Bluff visitors center
Near the visitors center
View from Scotts Bluff
scotts bluff scotts bluff Carhenge Carhenge Carhenge Carhenge Carhenge
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