New Jersey State Highpoint - High Point

New Jersey ended up with the generic name High Point. The area is preserved by High Point State Park and a 220 foot obelisk is placed making it the highest marker of any of the state highpoints. Views extend to the Pocono Mountains, the Catskill Mountains, the Wallkill River valley and many farmlands. Visitors can go to the top of the monument.
State Highpoints
Around 1880 the High Point Inn resort was built by the Charles St. John family. Years later, the Inn was purchased and converted into a summer home. In 1923 the land was donated to the state of New Jersey and High Point State Park was created. The monument on the summit is dedicated in 1930 to the states wartime heroes.
My visit:
My biggest challenge getting to the top of New Jersey was the entrance gate. We arrived an hour early, having to wait for the morning attendant. Once in, the scenic drive up was quick and easy. From the parking lot, a few hundred feet up a paved walkway put us on top for the views. The lookout was closed during repairs.
Elevation: 1,808 feet
Elevation Gain: 40 feet
Distance: 0.1 miles
From the south in Sussex, drive 8 miles northwest on NJ-23 to the High Point Visitor Center. From the east or west (I-84) take Exit-1, drive 4.5 miles south on NJ-23. From the visitors center, the drive is 1.5 miles on the Park Road to the Highpoint. There is a toll for driving, walking is free.
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High Point Monument
First state highpoint