Mount Arvon, Michigan

State Highpoints
State Highpoints
Distance: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 1,979 feet
Elevation Gain: 10 feet
Access: Gravel and dirt roads
Mount Arvon was once known as a difficult state highpoint because in addition to being far from anything, the summit was reached by a maze of confusing logging roads. Today, this isn't the case but without a map and keen eye for markers, you may get yourself turned around near the end. Recent improvements have re-opened a road to the summit that any vehicle can make...assuming the roads are dry from the rains and haven't been torn up by recent logging activities. In winter, snow covers the roads as well, from late October to March. Mount Arvon is in the Huron Mountain Range, and has only been recognized as the state's highpoint since 1982. Before that, they thought it was nearby Mt. Curwood, which turned out to be 11 inches shorter. Before 1963, it was thought to be Porcupine Mountain in the NW part of Michigan. Today, there are many improvements on the summit including signs, tables, firepit and a short trail to a view area which was cleared of trees.
In the town of L'Anse, follow Broad Street to main Street. Follow Main Street for roughly 16 miles to Church Road on the right (at Zion Lutheran Church). Follow this gravel road for 2.9 miles to a T-intersection at Roland Lake. Turn right on Ravine River Road. Follow Ravine River Road for 6.1 miles to a T-intersection....staying on the mainline as there are many roads branching off. Turn right at the T, following it about a mile where another right is needed. From here, follow signs if provided, wrapping around and up to the summit. Blue diamond signs and other signs (some hidden by brush) mark the way, if in place.
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Current owner sign at the summit in 2014
Mt. Arvon Register
Summit area
Have a fire at the summit
The viewing area
The viewing area
Views from the benchmark
Parking area at the summit
Got up in this rental car
USGS Benchmark