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Signs You Might Be A Peakbagger

The first 10 are by Greg Slayden at
You've camped at the base of a dumpster diver peak, eagerly waiting for morning.

Your spouse no longer asks "what mountain will you be climbing" but instead "where will you be parked?"

You had to summit at night due to security patrols.

You've grown accustomed to walking past meth lab waste.

The term "dumpster diver" no longer has a negative connotation.

You've summated a mountain strewn with cow pies.

You are standing on a stump to claim the highest point.

You've pretended to be lost while driving up a private driveway to reach a highpoint.

If a climbing buddy has ever said to you "I need to get out to increase my numbers".

You climb while having the flu.

You've researched access to a dumpster diver for over two hours.
Hikes & Climbs
You have continued to a summit beyond a reasonable turn-back point despite terrible weather, including white-outs.

You keep a detailed log of all your climbs: peak name, date, weather, companions, etc.

You have taken hiking or climbing trips where the travel time to and from the base of a mountain is greater than the time spend in climbing the mountain.

You have made an effort to reach a spot in the lowlands that is completely undistinguishable except as the high point of something (for example, the highest point in Iowa)

You have visited a tropical island and climbed it's highest peak without ever going swimming or visiting a beach while there.

You see rock climbers on a sheer face and wonder why they bother, when there is a much easier way up on the other side.

You have driven over 2000 miles in a single weekend in order to climb a peak or peaks.

You have some familiarity with the concept of "prominence"/"shoulder drop"/"vertical rise above a col" and how it can be used to qualify a list of summits.

After the top of a technical climb, you took time to scramble over and "tag the summit".
Poch Peaks
Your summit has a shot up might be a peakbagger
You've passed by one of might be a peakbagger
If you have grown accustomed to walking by these......
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The Art of Dumpster Dives