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For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, traveling to certain parts of the United States offers many more sights to visit. Certain locations like Salt Lake City, Nauvoo Illinois or even Palmyra, New York during the pageant time could be vacations all their own. I've always combined any church history sights with other typical vacation sights in those areas. Occasionally I'll meet someone who is doing a full on church history tour only visiting church sights following the pioneer route. To me, you could easily get church history overload with this so I don't recommend it.

LDS Historic Sights

Carthage Jail
Cove Fort Historic Site
Hill Cumorah
Kirtland Sights (Kirtland Ohio)
Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial
Kanesville Tabernacle
Liberty Jail
Winter Quarters
Temple Square
Polynesian Cultural Center (Hawaii)
Palmyra Sights
Smith Family Farm & Sacred Grove
San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site
Peter Whitmer Farm
Manti Pageant
Hauns Mill
Far West
Richmond & Three Witnessess Monument
Mount Pisgah
Garden Grove
Martin Harris Farm
BYU Museum of Art & Museum of Paleontology

Utah LDS Historic Sights

Brigham Youngs Gravesite
Pre-1940 LDS Tabernacles Chapels
Growing up in the Seattle suburbs, the only church buildings I was accustomed to were the standard cookie-cutter designs built by the LDS church since the 1950's. When I moved to Utah, I noticed all kinds of old and unique buildings the small towns throughout the region. I began researching some of these only to learn there were many old buildings scattered in the larger cities throughout Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties. I have yet to find any resource listing all the pre-1940 structures. My interest is mostly the tabernacles and chapels but other old buildings include old bishops storehouses, relief society centers and assembly halls...the precursor for the "gyms" in our chapels.
"This is the Place Monuments"
Others to come:
Martins Cove & Willie Center
Park City Family Tree Center
Jacob Hamblin Home
Mountain Meadows Monument
Pioneer Memorial Museum
Park City Family Tree Center BYU Museum mountain meadows monument Jacob Hamblin home Pioneer Memorial Museum Brigham Youngs Gravesite Cove Fort Historic Site Manti Pageant   Temple Quarry Trail
Temple Quarry Trail
Rock Creek Site
Independence Rock
Rock Creek Site Martins Cove independence rock

Wyoming LDS Historic Sights

Other LDS Stuff
Trek 2005
youth_pioneer_trek_picture.jpg Liberty Jail Independence Richmond Cemetery Far West Hauns Mill Adam-ondi-Ahman Winter Quarters Mount Pisgah Garden Grove Nauvoo Temple Carthage Jail Palmyra Sights Peter Whitmer Farm Martin Harris Farm Smith Family Farm Joseph Smith Birthplace Hill Cumorah Kanesville Tabernacle Polynesian Cultural Center

New York LDS Historic Sights

Missouri LDS Historic Sights

Illinois LDS Historic Sights

Iowa & Nebraska LDS Historic Sights

Beehive House Church History Museum
Beehive House
Church History Museum