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This was a memorable Pioneer Trek at the base of Mount Rainier on private timberland. During the three days we were pulling handcarts mostly on roads but one near the boundary of the National Park was similar to an old wagon trail. The most exciting part was a crossing of the Mowich River. The water source is the Mowich Glacier just a few miles away, needless to say, it was very cold. The river was also very fast, unlike the crossings of the Sweetwater River in Wyoming. We did this trek in August during some really hot weather, and my wife was almost 8 months pregnant. She walked most of it, rarely asking for a ride in the cart.

Pioneer Trek 2005

Me challenging the other team in tug-of-war
Killing a chicken for dinner
Supper time
Slow progress on the trail today
Ma and Pa Willhite
mount rainier
Bags of harvested moss
Pulling handcarts down the road
Route passed clear-cuts, creeks and old forests
Taking a break, eating wild blueberries
Lowering the handcarts down to the river
Lowering the handcarts down to the river
Crossing the Mowich River
Sandbar on the Mowich River
Crossing the Mowich River
Crossing the river
View of Mount Rainier was spectacular
Our serious picture
Hatchet toss
Stick Pull