After their grueling 18-hour trek up Rocky Ridge, the Willie Handcart Company camped at the crossing of Rock Creek. That night 13 emigrants died; the next morning their bodies were buried in a shallow grave. Rescuers helped the members of the Willie Handcart Company to this small tributary of the Sweetwater River. The exact location of the camp is unclear as some journals refer to this campsite as Willow Creek, and others describe it as being actually at the Sweetwater. For many of the company, the rescuers and their aid came too late, and scores died in the vicinity of Willow Creek and Rock Creek. Visitors here will find an open chapel site, a marker to the dead and old historic emigrant trails can be seen coming down into the chapel area from the Rocky Ridge area.

Rock Creek Site

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Rock Creek Site Rock Creek Site Rock Creek Site Rock Creek area
Rock Creek grave site
Distance: 1,048 miles from Nauvoo
Passing the grave site monument
Passing the grave site monument
Rock Creek Site register and flag
Walking to the outdoor chapel