Brigham Young was the second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after Joseph Smith, founder of the Church, who was martyred at Carthage, Illinois. He was chosen as leader of the people in 1844 and sustained as President of the Church December 27, 1847. Earlier that year he led the Mormon Pioneers from Winter Quarters (Omaha) to the Salt Lake Valley. In 1849 he became Governor of the Provisional State of Deseret and in 1850 Governor of the Territory of Utah.

Brigham Young Gravesite

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Born June 1, 1801, at Whitingham, Vermont.
Died August 29, 1877, at Salt Lake City, Utah
Brigham Young's grave site is a popular attraction and is located at 140 E 1st Avenue just east of Temple square in Salt Lake City.
Brigham Young Gravesite Brigham Young Graveyard Brigham Young Sign