Cedar City First Ward Chapel
Growing up in the Seattle suburbs, the only church buildings I was accustomed to were the standard cookie-cutter designs built by the LDS church since the 1950's. When I moved to Utah, I noticed all kinds of old and unique buildings in the small towns throughout the region. I began researching some of these only to learn there were many old buildings scattered in the larger cities throughout Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties as well. I have yet to find any resource listing all the pre-1940 structures. My interest here is mostly the tabernacles and chapels but there are other old buildings including old bishops storehouses, relief society centers and assembly halls...the precursor for the "gyms" in our chapels.

It became even more apparent to me when only a few weeks after shooting pictures of the Provo Tabernacle, it burned to the ground. At that point, I had shot a few dozen buildings but the only one that was open for me to get access inside was the Provo Tabernacle. I feel very lucky to have taken the shots I did since I was probably the last person to photograph the inside.

Unfortunately, this project is slow to finish because I moved out of Utah. I visit once a year now and get one or two more each visit. At the bottom is a list of other buildings I am still planning on checking out. Maybe someone will someday make a nice coffee table book full of history and pictures. It is a big project but the book would be enjoyed.

Pre-1940 LDS Tabernacles and Chapels

LDS Historic Sites
First Orem Chapel/Timpanogos Ward
Provo Tabernacle
Murray Second Ward
Alpine Stake Tabernacle
Granite Stake Tabernacle
Murray Second Ward Alpine Stake Tabernacle First Orem Chapel Granite Stake Tabernacle Provo Tabernacle
Salt Lake Second Ward Chapel
Salt Lake Fifth Ward Chapel
Manavu Provo Chapel
Provo Third Ward Chapel
Provo First Seventh Ward
Salt Lake 19th Ward
Salt Lake 10th Ward Meetinghouse
10th Ward Meetinghouse Manavu Provo Chapel Salt Lake 19th Ward Salt Lake Fifth Ward Chapel Provo Third Ward Chapel Provo First Seventh Ward Second Ward Chapel
Malad City Tabernacle Blackfoot Tabernacle
Salt Lake County, Utah
Malad City Tabernacle
Blackfoot Tabernacle
Levan Ward Chapel Parowan Tabernacle St. George Tabernacle Pine Valley Ward Chapel
Southern Utah
Central Utah
Pine Valley Ward Chapel
Cedar City First Ward Chapel
Parowan Tabernacle
St. George Tabernacle
Levan Ward Chapel
Northern Utah
Logan Tabernacle
Logan Fourth Ward Building
Logan Sixth Ward Building
Wellsville Tabernacle
Farmington Rock Meeting House
Box Elder Tabernacle
Ogden Tabernacle
Clinton Ward Meetinghouse
Kaysville Tabernacle
Bountiful Tabernacle
Utah & Wasatch County
Bountiful Tabernacle Farmington Rock Meeting House Wellsville Tabernacle Ogden Tabernacle Logan Tabernacle Logan Sixth Ward Building Logan Fourth Ward Building Kaysville Tabernacle Box Elder Tabernacle Clinton Ward Meetinghouse
Morgan Stake Tabernacle (11 West Young Street, Morgan UT)
Laketown Ward Chapel (Rich County)
Uintah Stake Tabernacle (now the Vernal Temple)
More Buildings To Come
NE Utah
Manti Tabernacle 1879 (Manti Ward Chapel)
Orderville Utah building
Rockville Utah building
Joseph Utah building 1929 (now the Old Church Vacation Renal)
Emery church building 1898
Spring City Ward Chapel, Sanpete Co.
Hanksville Meetinghouse on Sawmill Basin Road, Hanksville, Wayne Co.
Sevier Ward Church (on US89)
Mount Pleasant Utah chapel built in 1938
Beaver Utah building built in 1935
Blanding/Grason/San Juan Tabernacle/South Chapel
Parowan 3rd Ward Building
Southern Utah
Snowville Ward Meetinghouse (may be gone)
Smithfield Tabernacle
Smithfield Fourth Ward Meetinghouse
Old Hyrum Church south of Logan...not sure if LDS
Logan 9th Ward
Northern Utah
Wells Ward Building 1920
Liberty Ward Building 1908
Sugarhouse Ward Building 1924
Salt Lake Tabernacle in Temple Square
Assembly Hall in Temple Square
Salt Lake City 20th Ward 1924
Salt Lake City 27th Ward Building (in the Avenues)
Belvedere Ward
Sandy 2nd Ward Building
Mill Creek Ward Chapel
Pioneer Rock Church - Herriman
Pleasant Green Ward Building - SLC
Salt Lake Valley
NYC Upper East Side Chapel on 87th between 2nd and 3rd Avenue
Inwood, NYC building
Midwood Chapel, 1218 Glenwood Road, New York
New York
Eureka Building (sold to another church)
Grantsville First Ward (297 West Clark Street)
Milford Chapel
Star Valley Tabernacle in Aften Wyoming
Mormon Pioneer Rock Church in Auburn WY (built 1885 now a community center)
Chesterfield Chapel 1892
Oneida Stake Tabernacle
Minidoka Stake, Rupurt (1937)
Washington, DC
Phoenix Second Ward Chapel
Wilshire Ward Chapel Los Angeles Tabernacle) 1209 S Manhatten Place, Los Angeles
Honolulu Stake Tabernacle (1560 South Beretania St. Honolulu)
First Chapel in Hawaii (I think it still stands)
Gadfield Elm (first chapel in England)
Washington DC Chapel
Garland Tabernacle
Ely Tabernacle
Leamington Ward Meeting House
Ely Tabernacle Garland Tabernacle Leamington Ward
Loa Stake Tabernacle
Mapleton Building
Torrey Log Church
Heber Second Ward Meetinghouse
Montpelier Tabernacle
Paris Tabernacle
Ovid Building
Randolph Tabernacle
Wasatch Stake Tabernacle
Echo Chapel
LDS Historic Sights
Echo Chapel Heber Second Ward Loa Stake Tabernacle Mapleton Building Montpelier Tabernacle Ovid Building Randolph Tabernacle Paris Tabernacle Torrey Log Church Wasatch Stake Tabernacle white memorial chapel
Salt Lake 18th Ward
Moab First Meetinghouse
Las Vegas Chapel built 1930's
Buildings Destroyed/Removed
Cedar Fort Building
Cedar City Tabernacle (1882-1932)
Ephraim Tabernacle (1870-1954)
Lehi Stake Tabernacle (1910-1962)
Ogden/Weber Stake Tabernacle (1859-1970's)
Draper Ward Building (1880's-1950's)
Malad Stake Tabernacle (1888-1911)
Teton Stake Tabernacle/Driggs Idaho (1907-1944)
Juab Stake Tabernacle (1865-1949)
Bannock Stake Tabernacle/Grace Idaho Ward (1911-1945)
Fairview Chapel
Franklin Idaho (1874-1983)
Maricopa Stake Tabernacle (1896-1967)
Moroni Stake Tabernacle (1889-?)
Nebo Stake Tabernacle (1907-1980's)
Oakley Tabernacle
Old Salt Lake Tabernacle (1852-1877)
Payson Tabernacle (1872-1902)
Pleasant Grove/Timpanogos Stake Tabernacle
Porterville Ward Meetinghouse
Carbon Stake Tabernacle/Price Ward
Panguitch Stake Tabernacle
Sevier Stake Tabernacle
Snowflake Tabernacle
St. Anthony Tabernacle
Teasdale Wayne County Building
San Luis Stake Tabernacle
Willard Tabernacle
Utah Stake Tabernacle (1867-1919)
Granite Stake Tabernacle
Summit County Stake Tabernacle
Springville 1st & 3rd Ward Building
Springville 2nd Ward Building
UTAH County
Pleasant Grove Second Ward
Provo 4th Ward Building
Provo Pioneer Ward
El Paso Texas Chapel
Salt Lake Assembly Hall
Salt Lake Tabernacle
Salt Lake 17th Ward Chapel
Springville Building (1855-1892)
Richmond Building (1904-1945)
Union La Grand Building (1908-1972)
Idaho Falls Building (1915-1987)
Rigby Building (1917-1959)
Burley Building (1919-1954)
Blackfoot Building (1920-1972)
Thatcher Building (1921-1979)
Boise Building (1924-1972)
Twin Falls Building (1932-1963)
Shelley Building (1931-1975)
Oakland Building (1923-1959)
Jacksonville Building (1925-1976)
Atlanda District & Mission Home (1926-1954)
Assembly Hall Tabernacle Brigham City Brigham City Perry Washakie Ward
Brigham City 5th & 10th Ward Bldg.
Brigham City 3rd Ward Chapel
Perry Ward/Three Mile Creek Ward
Washakie Ward Chapel
Springville 4th Ward Building
Payson First Ward
Santaquin Ward
Payson Second Ward
Payson Second Building
Payson Second Payson First Ward Payson Second Ward Santaquin Ward Springville