The Pioneer Memorial Museum is a memorable experience. The museum exhibits probably have not changed much in 50 years. The old fashioned displays are just packed full of trinkets and memories of the past. What makes the museum unique is that you are only given a bit of info on each item there. But, if you know a bunch about church history, you will find all kinds of little items about the characters you have read so much about. The items range from someone's pocket knife to the wagon Brigham Young used to enter the Salt Lake Valley. Although not a flashy place, if you are a member of the church, you may find the Pioneer Museum much more interesting than the Church History Museum next to Temple Square. That museum is geared to tourists while the Pioneer Museum is not. I have been inside a few times and I still will go back because there will always be something I missed.

Pioneer Memorial Museum

LDS Historic Sites
Location: 300 N Main Street in Salt Lake City
Pioneer Memorial Museum Pioneer Memorial Museum Carriage House
Carriage House
One of many rooms full of stuff
Outside of the Museum