(Everything West of I-5)

Olympic Peninsula & Willapa Hills Lookout Sites

Here are former fire lookout locations West of I-5 on the Olympic Peninsula and Willapa Hills. Below are the locations, my particular list includes anything that was reported/claimed to have a lookout, or shown on a map saying there was a lookout. My list includes all towers, tents, trees, firefinders and locations planned for fire lookouts. I remove lookout sites if I find that they were only used as an Aircraft Warning Station in WWII. There is now a separate page for AWS. If there is a pound icon after the name, although I have not done yet, click it for more info on the lookout .

Washington Fire Lookouts

Washington Hiking
(Feel free to contact me if you know of a lookout that isn't on my lists) willhiteweb@yahoo.com
Mount Pleasant
Point Grenville
Prices Peak
Salmon River (Raft)
Big Skidder Hill
Sooes Peak
Mount Steel
South Mountain
Twin Lakes
Twin Peak
"Sawmill Lookout"
Anderson Butte
Octopus, Mount
Owl Mountain
Ned Hill
North Point
Big Quilcene
Boulder (ELO)
Burma Point (ELO)
Burnt Hill
Chester Ridge
Clearwater & Clearwater South
Cook Creek Spar Tree
Crows Nest (ELO)
Deep Creek
Dennie Ahl
Mount Dickinson
Dodger Point
Drake/Reed Hill/Camp 5
Dusk Point
Elk Creek
Geodetic Hill/Spruce
Gobbler Knob
Grisdale Hill/Camp 3
Gunderson Mountain
Higley Peak
Humptulips Ridge
Hyas Mountain
Ice Cream Cone (ELO)
Kloochman Rock
Kloshe Nanich/Muller/Burnt/Solduc
Lightning Mountain
Lincoln, Mount
Lone Mountain
McAfee Hill
Cascades Lookouts
SE WA Lookouts
NE WA Lookouts
Mount Townsend
Hurricane - Hurricane Hill
Blue Mountain - Deer Park
Mount Zion
Northern Olympics
Striped Peak
Dow Mountain
Dayton Peak
Mount Jupiter
Southern Olympics
Colonel Bob
Green Mountain
Gold Mountain
Kitsap Peninsula
Rock Candy Mountain
Capitol Peak
Black & Willapa Hills
Squally Jim - Walville
Mount Walker North & South
Tahuya Lookout
Mason Lake Lookout
Webb Mountain (Upper)
Webb Mountain (Lower)
Jefferson Ridge
Kamilche 2
(Black Hills & Everything south of Highway 12 & West of I-5)
Finley Peak
4 Standing Structures West of I-5
Abernathy Mountain
Baw Faw - Boistfort Peak
Blaney Mountain
Burt/Pe Ell
Cowan Peak
Hull Creek
K O Point
Minot Peak
Packsack Mountain
Scar Hill
Trap Creek
Coastal Group
(Those around the Kitsap Peninsula)
(North of the Dosewallips & Hoh Rivers)
(South of the Dosewallips & Hoh River to Hwy 12)
(Those West of Hwy. 101 out near the coast)
ned hill
Crocker Lookout
Former Cascade L.O.
Quilcene Ranger Station
Training Lookouts
They went by the name lookouts so there is conflict when trying to separate what was used for spotting aircraft vs. fire and then what was used for both. I now have a separate page for AWS at the link below:
AWS Only & Beach Patrols (Not part of this list)
Unknown Sites for now
Considered Sites
Unknown Sites for now
Aircraft Warning Service Observation Posts
Some established dates are solid while others will change as more information is located. Very little information on the peninsula is available if there were camps before the structures were built. If there was an early camp, I will try to put the date the camp started.
The Timeline of Lookouts on the Olympic Peninsula, everything north of Highway 12.
Clallam County Timeline
Jefferson County Timeline
Mason County Timeline
Grays Harbor County Timeline
Thurston County Timeline
1915 Blue Mountain (Deer Park)
1917 Kloshe Nanich (Muller)(Burnt)(Solduc Mtn.)
1933 Mount Townsend
1933 Mount Zion
1933 Blyn
1935 Bogachiel Peak
1930+ Hurricane (Hurricane Hill)
1933 Ned Hill
1933 Dodger Point (Ludden Peak)
<1936 Twin
1936 North Point
1937 Striped Peak
1940s Neah Bay
1942 Pyramid Mountain
1942 Pysht
1942 Neah
1943 Hyas Mountain
1948 Gunderson Hill
1952 Ellis Mountain
1953 Pleasant, Mount
1950's Burma Point (ELO)
1957 Sooes Peak
1964 Sekiu Mountain
1916 Finley Peak
1930s Geodetic Hill (Spruce)
1930s Big Quilcene
1930s Mount Constance
1930s Twin Lakes
1931 Walker, Mount (2 Sites on summit)
<1930 Kloochman Rock
<1933 Webb Mountain Lower Lookout
1933 Mount Jupiter
1934 Webb Mountain Upper
<1936 Elk Creek
1941 Owl Mountain
1942 Shine
1942 Hoh (Oil City)
1957 Mount Octopus
1957 Big Skidder Hill
1961 Clearwater
???? Clearwater South
1930s Lincoln, Mount
1936 Simpson
1940s Grisdale Hill (Camp 3)
1940s Lightning Mountain
<1942 Dow Mountain
1943 Dennie Ahl
1944 Dayton Peak
1944 Tahuya
1952 Mason Lake
1956 South Mountain
1961 Jefferson Ridge Point
1929 Capitol Peak
1930s Rock Candy Mountain
1927 Cook Creek Spar Tree (Pete Miller's Tree House)
<1928 Anderson Butte
1929 Moclips
<1930 Point Grenville
1930 Kelly
<1931 Colonel Bob
<1930 Twin Peak
<1930 Burnt Hill/Peak
1934 Higley Peak
<1936 Lone Mountain
1937 Mobray
1940 Prices Peak

1940s Drake (Reed Hill)
1940s Gobbler Knob
1940s McAfee Hill
1942 Deep Creek
1942 Humptulips Ridge
1946 Brittain
1956 Weatherwax
1957 Chester Ridge
1965 Salmon River (Raft)
Historic Maps of the Peninsula
1930 Olympic Trail Guide Map
1933 Olympic National Forest USFS Map
1936 Olympic National Forest USFS Map
< = on or before the date given
north point
Blue Mountain - On Clemans Tree Farm
Unknown Sites for now
Hobi Peak
Purdy Lookout
Canyon Creek/Huelsdonk
AWS Locations
Pyramid Mountain
Johns River/Markham
Low Divide
Unknown Sites for now
Saddle Hill
Belview Shelter
Three Peaks
dodger point
Sylva Floating Lookout
Big Quilcene
Canyon Creek/Huelsdonk
Chester Ridge
Clearwater South
Deep Creek
Drake/Reed Hill
Geodetic Hills/Spruce Lookout
Gobbler Knob
Gold Mountain
Grisdale Hill/Camp 3
Gunderson Mountain
Lincoln, Mount
Mason Lake
McAfee Hill
Octopus, Mount
Pleasant, Mount
Point Grenville
Prices Peak
Purdy Lookout
Rock Candy Mountain
“Sawmill” near Indianola
South Mountain
Striped Peak
Burt/Pe Ell
Scar Hill
Olympics Lookouts with no Structure Image