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Mount Walker is well known for having a road to the summit. This is such a rare thing in the Olympics, it should be celebrated. For most, the drive up Highway 101 is limited to scenic beaches on Hood Canal. Mount Walker gives drivers a vantage point high above sea level and a glimpse into what the Olympics really are, an amazing mountain range. From the two summit vantage points are excellent views of Hood Canal, the Seattle skyline, Mt. Constance, Mt. Jupiter and east to Mt. Baker. For hikers, Mount Walker makes for a great winter trip since it is low elevation but has a good 2,000 feet of elevation gain. The road is gated in winter so you will even have the summit to yourself. Plus, you don't even have to walk the road, there is a hiking trail.
Distance: Drive-up or 2.5 miles
Summit Elevation: 2,085 feet
Elevation Gain: 2,000 feet
Access: Good dirt roads
Drive 5 miles south of Quilcene on US Highway 101. Turn east onto Mt. Walker Viewpoint Road. In summer, drive up. In winter or if you just want to hike it, park at the gate and follow directions below.
Step over the winter gate and go a short distance until you see the sign for the trailhead on the right. The trail takes you through an old Douglas-fir forest. The hike is 2 miles to the first viewpoint and a half mile further for the south viewpoint.
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Hood Canal & Toandos Peninsula
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Lookout History:
Built in 1931. Panorama photos taken in 1935. A one-car garage constructed in 1939. Mount Walker served as an Aircraft Warning Service Station during WWII, known as "Charlie 5-7" it utilized existing facilities owned by Olympic National Forest but also added a 12 x 18 garage. The lookout was being used at least through 1956. It was destroyed in 1967. The south point was used as a patrol point from the northern point lookout.
Olympic Lookouts
trail guide
1932 Trail Guide
Walker Lookout aerial shot
July 19, 1957 National Archives - Leland J Prater photo
North - June 18, 1935
Southeast - June 18, 1935
Southwest - June 18, 1935
South - June 18, 1935
Southwest - June 18, 1935
Images were also taken from the patrol point at South Point
(stovepipe and firewood)
(weather station)
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