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This fire lookout was on a high hill at the northern end of the Kitsap Peninsula. Metskers maps shows this location as being a lookout on the 1955 and 1970 maps. The summit is rather wide so the exact location isn't clear. But, one hint is the access road from the north side is called lookout road, which leads to a small parcel owned by the Washington Water Service Company on the highpoint. There is public access to this point. In 2017, a colleague and I interviewed 92 year old retired DNR man John Kingsbury who worked at the DNR for 29 years. His area was the Kitsap Peninsula, working out of an office in Port Orchard in 1952. When that office closed, and became headquartered in Enumclaw, he believes all the paperwork went out the back door and burned, hence the lack of information about this site. John independent of anything I said, brought up this lookout site. Although he could no longer remember a name or exact location, he identified the correct area just off the old Suquamish-Port Gamble Road. He remembers it as a ground house.
From Poulsbo, take Highway 37 north for several miles to NE Gunderson Road. Turn right, then another right onto Stottlemeyer Road NE. Follow Stottlemeyer Road NE a short distance to a left on NE Iverson Lane. In a half mile or so veer right turning up NE Lookout Lane. Follow to the end at a T. Turn right and the water company property is on the right. Paved entire way.
Elevation: 460 feet
Distance: Drive-up
Elevation Gain: 0 feet
Road Access: Paved
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poulsbo lookout map indianola lookout map
indianola poulsbo lookout Washington Water Company poulsbo homes
View North from the water company parcel
End of the road looking south
Washington Water Company parcel
Looking West to the Olympics
1955 Metskers Map showing the lookout
Metsker Maps shows Iverson Lane but not Lookout Lane. Also shows the lookout location more near the north end of the large summit area.
house indianola area map
The area of the knolls, just as Lookout Lane turns the bend arriving on the high summit area with the houses
indianola lookout map
1970 Metsker Map still has the lookout on it