Macafee Hill
Located in a vast area of flat ground, Macafee Hill rises up, but not by much, around 300 hundred feet. At some point in the 1940s, there was a cabin on the summit as a fire lookout but it was gone in 1952 (Kresek). I was told by a credible person that there were footings remaining but I found nothing. I did find the old radio batteries garbage pit.
Elevation: 655 feet
Landowner: Private Timber Company
Grays Harbor County
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Macafee Hill Lookout Site

You are required to purchase a permit for this area, from Rayonier Timber as of 2017. IF you purchase this seasonal permit, you can then drive to the summit during hunting season. The next option is to purchase the annual generic Rayonier permit. With it, you canít drive in but have access from around mid-January to June 30 (non-hunting season). I had a general access permit and rode my bike.
Many gates gain access to the area, choose your own adventure. I show the route I took on the map below, 18 miles round-trip.
Macafee Hill Map Macafee Hill topo map
Gate batteries geocache macafee site dump Macafee Hill
Not opening a geocache that is duct taped closed
Gate I started at
Old batteries
Old battery dump
Summit area
Macafee Hill in route
Showing the topography of the area around Macafee Hill
Map of route I took
Macafee Hill