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Hobi Peak Lookout has some interesting history. It served the WWII Aircraft Warning Service. Documents during the time showed it as an existing tower, and built during AWS, and was retained for fire use after the war. A 12x20 foot garage was ordered for the site in 1943, unknown if it was built. Discussions were made about the lookout having bad coverage and this would explain why the lookout was moved shortly there after in 1946 to the Brittain site.

Below are a few sources found:

Air Warning Service Station "George 8-5" utilized existing structures owned by the State of Washington. A 12 x 20 garage was added by the AWS. At the end of service the site was retained by the State. (Report of AWS Stations, May 1, 1944)

1946: "An abandoned 14'x14' lookout tower was moved from Hobi Peak near Artic to Brittain Hill on the Humptulips, which furnishes additional protection to a vast area of second growth timber." (Annual Report of the Forestry Division)
Location: SE1/4, NE1/4, NW1/4 of Section 36, T16N, R9W.
Elevation: 550 feet
Distance: TBD...not visited yet
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Brittain hobi garage hobi aws Hobi Lookout hobi lookout
AWS documents describing the Hobi Lookout and showing the location.
hobi lookout Lookout
1940s aerial photo showing likely location
hobi lookout hobi lookout
Location A: Based on AWS documents
Location B: Based on 1940 aerials
1947 after the move to Brittain location
hobi hobi
1941 Metsker Map