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Rock Candy is not the highest named mountain in the Black Hills (itís the third) but the location and open summit possibly provide the most outstanding views. Unique views include the saltwater inlets at the southern end of Puget Sound and a nice perspective of the Olympic Mountains. Rock Candy Mountain is probably the most historically popular recreation summit in the Black Hills.

Rock Candy Mountain

Distance: Drive Up
Summit Elevation: 2,356 feet
Access: Paved if hiking
From I-5, go west on Highway 101. At 5.5 miles, Highway 101 vears off, you are now on Highway 8. In 4.5 more miles turn left onto Rock Candy Mountain Road. The Rock Candy Trailhead and parking area is a short distance up the road. After driving for 2.5 miles on the road is a T intersection, go left. Just a short distance further, take a left onto B-5000. At 3.9 miles on B-5000 is a Y, turn left onto C-4700. Shortly after is a gate. If the gate is open, it is possible to drive the road 2.5 miles all the way to the summit.
Olympic Mountains Rock Candy Mountain Rock Candy Mountain Puget Sound black hills map
Saltwater Inlets
On the summit of Rock Candy Mountain
Looking to the Olympic Mountains
Looking north to Puget Sound
Rock Candy Mountain in known for its flora
Saltwater Inlets
DNR Trail Map
Olympic Mountains
Olympic Lookouts
Lookout History
Not much is known. Sometime in the 1930s, after 1934, there was a tower with cabin built.
rock candy mountain rock candy mountain rock candy mountain
I don't believe this was a shutter in the picture but an attempt to block out the sun. The pictures was taken at 4 feet above ground, so no structure was there yet.
Southwest 10-5-1934
North 10-5-1934
Southeast 10-5-1934