Byles Lookout

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Lookout Elevation: 963 feet
Distance: 400 Feet
Elevation Gain: 100 feet
County: Grays Harbor County, Washington
Byles was built in the 1940s by Weyerhaeuser to help protect the Clemons Tree Farm. The lookout was on a 70 foot pole tower with a 7 by 7 foot cab on top. It was possibly removed in the 1960s. No harvest has taken place since the 1940ís so the trees in the area are bigger than usual for the area.
Access & Route:
The lookout can be reached by a DNR road with no gates coming from the south. Take Garrand Creek Road out of the Oakville area to the county Broooklyn Road going west through the Willapa Hills. Take a right on the T Line (should be an old info board there). Follow the T Line avoiding all side roads and following map. Park where shown on the map, also if marked on road, the T6000 and T6100 intersection. An old road follows the ridgetop between two roads to the lookout site. This is a minor bushwhack in winter, worse in summer. Follow the ridge until it reaches highest point, then look around ground for remnants of tower.
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Clemons Tree Farm Map
Clemons Tree Farm Map
Where I parked
Clemons Tree Farm Map
Visible on the 1951 aerial photo (object with shadow casting north)
Access road to Byles Lookout Site
More detail to map on left
This board was sticking up out of the ground
Boards on the ground
Brush growing around the lookout site
Brush growing around the lookout site
Post broken off the footing
Large nail and beams
Footing uncovered
All 4 footings at ground level with rebar sticking up
Byles Lookout Tower
Started up old road just to the right of the big tree